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Body BEAST – Workout Program

Have you guys been watching television infomercials? It seems as though Beachbody is currently pushing the Body BEAST program. We’ll have a lot to talk about this in the coming weeks since it really is a great program and worthy of doing if you want to get lean, build mass, and get stronger.


You can gain 10-15lb of pure muscle in 90 days with a good work out program and great diet. More info to come.

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  • PJClark

    wow. give us more info please. cant wait to get rid of tese manboobs…………..

  • pedro hawkins

    so where is the body beast book

    • Check your inbox if you signed up to receive it. Confirm your email like the instructions say and you’ll get a link to download it.

  • jon

    The book link doesn’t seem to be working. didn’t get an email.

    • Did you confirm your email when it emailed you? Check your spam folder. If it didn’t work I can send it personally.

  • jon

    Yep tried the other links and they worked fine, just this one giving problems

  • Samuel Brinson

    I’m getting back into working can you please send me a copy of your material. Thank you

  • John

    I’m in the same boat as Samuel as I am getting back into a workout routine after several years of not working out. Can you send the link for the book?