Take Control of Your Life


I've worked with some really amazing people during my professional career on Wall Street (and even when I was in high school and college). But I've also worked with some really shitty people. Shitty in so many ways - from racists to sexist, from unintelligent to power tripping. I've seen it all. And because I've […] Read More

A New Year Does Not Mean Quit

Just a quick note to all of you that are thinking about doing something really drastic with your life as the new year approaches. A lot of you are unhappy with your job situation. I completely understand that. Since the credit crisis of 2008 and 2009, people have been demoted, fired, unemployed, and working at […] Read More

Interview Prep 101

As some of you know - I worked in finance as well as created a tech company (not To Be Alpha). The site focuses on career preparation and one of my initial clients was a Columbia University student (yes, the Ivy League school) that wanted to get a job at an investment bank. He got […] Read More