Take Control of Your Life


Manage Expectations or FAIL

For you guys working in the corporate world or even the ones with a part-time job - you need to know how to manage people's expectations in order to succeed. If you are beta or shy, you might be afraid to say NO. But saying YES your whole life is no way to live. And […] Read More

Know When To SHUT UP

This post goes out to all the guys and girls out there that just don't know when to shut up. Now, I can probably be nicer and say some of you guys don't know when to just be quiet. Either way - there are many people in this world that are making themselves look bad […] Read More

Do you want create an impression that makes people say "Wow, who is this guy??" Do you want to create a long lasting impression that makes people think of you highly? If you answered yes, then I suggest you keep reading. People never really think about these simple things like making a really great first […] Read More