Take Control of Your Life

I’m really happy with some of the feedback we are getting on the new site.

I know we are far away from where we need to be. But I appreciate the kind words and all of you signing up for the email updates.

To Be Alpha is one of the honest websites that are focused on helping & not focused on scamming (i.e. taking your money).

Yes, we sell a few books (or will again) that took a lot of time to write. But the site is not about pushing products. And yes we will be recommending things that we know work. 

Share The Love

If you have found any of the information useful, please tweet or click the share button on the left hand side. 


We Are Under Attack

Do everyone a favor and share our information. It can be as simple word of mouth, or tweeting, or sharing on Facebook.

I really believe what we are providing is helpful and not bullshit. And I’m pretty sure you know other people that can benefit from this information.

Images Coming

As of now we have limited the amount of photos we are using on the site. This is because I am focused on content creation since we lost everything back (not because of a hack).

I’m not using my back up database since I want to focus on creating better content since I’ve actually gained a lot more knowledge to share with you.

Stick with us and you’ll see a site full of information that can help you and a bunch of photos that will entertain you.

Remember to share the work of To Be Alpha with others!

If you need help, feel free to leave a comment. If you want us to retweet or share anything, feel free to let us know! We’d be happy to help.

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