Take Control of Your Life


A lot of you guys are coming back multiple times and potentially seeing some new content that you haven’t discovered before. There are a few things in the works but I’m trying to put together a quick “essentials to being alpha” for a lot of the guys that are coming here looking for help. So that’s been keeping me busy along…it’s going to be free. I want to make sure it covers everything necessary to get some of you guys on the right path. But

Also, I’m not doing this full time or anything so that’s why I can’t just push content all day every day. I still do other stuff – like investing money into argentina debt hoping to get paid out but they just decided to default on their loans (not to get all technical), plus I got the gym thing, girlfriend thing, and then this. But this site is definitely a priority because I know there’s a need for real legitimate advice and I don’t think there are many sites providing that right now.

So in the meantime, do what you can with what we got. If you need help you guys know how to contact me.

As always, make sure you sign up for the email updates. They’re coming.

Small adjustments are being made to the site each day also. You probably see them more on the desktop than on mobile right now. There’s a lot of work to be done and I don’t want to half ass it just to get stuff up for you guys knowing that meaningful well thought out help is going to do more good than shit advice.

Enjoy your week. Hopefully it’s a short one for you corporate guys with the holiday.

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