Take Control of Your Life

If you didn’t know, now you know. Females can and are be alpha. Even more alpha than males. My friend, who in many eyes, is alpha and ultra competitive yet feminine helped put this together (Ivy League Educated, College Athlete, Successful Investment Banker, Corporate Citizen).

Whether you’re an alpha female or an aspiring alpha female – this is what you will be when you’re an Alpha Female.

Please share and enjoy!

alpha female life

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  • Flextron

    Girls are legit man. I really like some of the touches you put on this site. Having an alpha female section really adds to this dynamic site. Keep up the good work.

  • Kelly

    OMG I LOVE ! THIS! Girls Rule Boys Rule. I love that there is a site like yours that recognizes women can be powerful and “alpha”.

    LEAN IN !

  • Sarah White

    You should also include “doesn’t take shit from nobody!” hahaha! This is spot on. I’m sorta alpha but not crazy hardcore. But this speaks volumes about what it’s like to be in control and not let guys try to push you around.

  • DaniElle

    When I first came across your site, it came off as a little sexist, but then I started reading and it seems like the alpha male is the kind of man ive been looking for! I couldnt be more excited in seeing this new post! Finally a section that will help me be an alpha female! 🙂 🙂

  • Eric

    An alpha male can’t be happy with a beta female. We get bored quickly with a woman who needs constant reassurance, who tears other women down to feel better about herself , or has any of the other beta traits. If you’re one of those girls who talks bad about another girl when you’re out, you’re a beta and you deserve the beta guy who is agreeing with everything you say (because he wants to get in your pants). If you look at another woman and say “damn…she looks good, and then go on with what you were doing, you’re an alpha. Remember, catty = beta, confident = alpha

    • Theresa

      I totally agree Eric. Jealously and being catty is amateur status but honestly all girls and probably guys compare themselves to each other, its just that some do something about it. I don’t know if that is actually beta or not but as long as you are working to be better and don’t take any crap from people that think you’re less of a person because you’re a woman then all is well.

      I don’t think in terms of alpha and beta with relationships. I think I focus more on whether I get along with a person. But being with an alpha male is definitely better than a pushover beta that doesn’t take care of his mind, body or soul.

  • Rey

    Looks like the girl of my dreams! Its pointless (and ultimately tiring) to be with a woman who is so insecure about herself and let her heart get eaten out by jealousy. A woman’s self confidence is probably the most attractive thing to an alpha male.

  • Veronika

    I find many alpha traits in myself, but also some nasty betas… I guess, we all start off having a similar mixture of both, and it’s just a start of a wonderful journey ! Thank you.

    • The start of a wonderful journey indeed. Its okay to not be some hardcore “alpha” but nasty beta traits are not good. Definitely clean those up a little. I used to work with a terrible beta female. She was a “manager” that acted like an assistant so she got treated like an assistant. It was sad and since i worked for her…very painful. Let’s make sure that doesn’t happen to you. When people find To Be Alpha – I want them to become the best they can be. Let me know how I can help!

  • Terrence

    I like how you give advice to both genders not just a one way street. Keep up the good work !! I just ordered your alpha male book, just waiting on you to mail it out and very excited to add to what I already know and also to what Im missing and don’t know. If it is enlightens me to what I think it will Ima live by this book!!!

  • Marie Moreno

    Where’s all the female alpha stuff? I’m aspiring and ready to transcend