Take Control of Your Life

The To Be Alpha Muscle Building Program has one goal: To make you look good

If you build muscle and burn fat here’s a 12 week program that will work for you.

Your Diet

Calculate the amount of calories you should be eating per day

Body weight * your metabolism (fast is 20, moderate is 15, slow is 12) = NUMBER OF CALORIES PER DAY

Simple Meal Plan to Build Muscle

The ratio of carbs to protein to fats is 50-30-20 for building muscle (not for getting lean)

Good Carbohydrates

  • Oatmeal
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Red potatoes
  • Brown rice

Good proteins

  • Egg
  • Steak (lean)
  • Turkey or Chicken breast
  • Fish
  • Protein shakes

Good fats

  • Fish oils
  • Peanut butter
  • Avocados

If you need to know how many calories are in each food, get the nutrition guide

When To Eat

Break your meals into 5 or 6 smaller meals

The Work Out Program

You will work out 5 days a week. You must also follow the weekly notes below for 12 weeks.

  • Monday – Legs
  • Tuesday – Chest and Abs
  • Wednesday – Back
  • Thursday – Shoulders
  • Friday – Arms and Calves
  • Weekends – rest and recover
  • CARDIO 3 times a week for 20 minutes in the morning – empty stomach

Each gym session should last between 45 and 60 minutes. Anything more and you’re wasting too much time.

Week 1

Train as outlined above

Week 2 and Week 3

Drop your carbs and increase your protein slightly. Keep cardio at 3x a week for 20 minutes each session

Week 4 and Week 5

Drop additional carbs and increase your protein. Add an extra 5 minutes to your cardio sessions

Get rid of your cheat day

Week 6 and Week 7

Drop additional carbs and add more protein to your diet. Add an extra day of cardio to your schedule and 5 additional minutes for a total of 30 minutes per session 4 days a week.

Week 8 and Week 9

Drop additional carbs and add some more protein to your diet. Add another 5 minutes and an extra day to cardio. Now you’re at 35 minutes a day, 6 days a week with cardio.

Week 10

Drop additional carbs and add more protein. Increase cardio to 40 minutes per session, 7 days a week.

Week 11 and Week 12

Continue with the same diet as week 9. Stop with the cardio.