Take Control of Your Life

Confidence boosters are a great way to jumpstart improving yourself and your life. So I thought I’d list out some really simple ways for you to improve your life 1000% easily and really quickly.

There are a bunch of things you can do, including trying to tell yourself to be more confident. But I don’t think that always works. Instead, what I like to recommend is some sort of ACTION.

So what I’m going to recommend are 10 easy ways to boost your confidence by taking action or doing something.

Check out the list and try them out. You don’t have to do everything. Just do something. Whatever it takes to feel good about yourself and improve your life. That’s all you need.

#1: Treat Yourself to Something NICE

I know, I know. This first one is really vague. WTF does this even mean??

Sometimes you need to be selfish and take care of yourself. Not everyone likes to spoil themselves or spend money on themselves because it seems like a waste. But sometimes you just need to “treat yourself”.

Do something that you’ve wanted to do. Go somewhere you wanted to go. Eat something you want to eat. Buy something you’ve had your heart set on. Do something that makes you happy.

#2: Get A Haircut

Sometimes, the smallest change or clean up can make a world of a difference. And I like to start with a fresh cut.

Maybe you can do something crazy and change your hairstyle (go from long to short or something). Or just clean it up. The great thing about a haircut is it will make you look cleaned up and looking and feeling good about yourself.

#3: Buy Some New Clothes

Similar to #1 – treat yourself! But in general, lots of times we forget to update our look. We are comfortable with what we’re wearing that we forget that trends come and go and we are no longer “in style.” So make sure you always look good!

Maybe you do dress well. And all your clothes are fitted. If so, awesome! But having a new jacket or new shoes might make you feel even better and give you a boost in how you feel about yourself.

#4: Learn How to FIGHT

This is one of my favorite things to tell people that need a boost in self-esteem or need to start having more confidence. Fighting is scary. Defending yourself is scary. But knowledge is key.

If you know how to defend yourself or know how to fight then it becomes a game changer mentally.

I don’t advocate violence in any way whatsoever. But I think learning how to fight (there’s a variety of fighting styles you can choose from) will teach you a lot about yourself and just make you stand taller.

You won’t be intimidated by people. You’ll feel more confident. And best of all you’ll learn a new skill, get stronger, and be in better shape.

Find a class or academy that teaches you some sort of martial art or self-defense and enjoy!

#5: Workout (more than one time)

Working out is a great way to get in shape and also get stronger. Also, you’ll start feeling better about yourself and have more energy.

The hardest part is starting, so in the beginning, force yourself to go until it becomes a routine and enjoy the benefits of looking better than everyone else!

#6: Change Your Posture

If you don’t feel good, you don’t look good. Sit up straight, walk a little taller, look up…

Changing your posture can change how you feel about yourself. Not only will you look more confident but it can play little mental tricks on how you start feeling about yourself too.

Try it out.

#7: Start Learning Something New

Sometimes when I feel like I’ve peaked or gotten too comfortable, I like to stimulate my brain by enrolling in a course or just reading up on something that I’m a little interested in. Then I become an “expert” on the topic or at least can speak intelligently and enthusiastically about whatever it is I’m learning about.

People are usually really interested and really curious about new stuff and are amazed when someone knows a lot about something. You’ll feel really good about yourself and really proud of yourself for being the smartest guy in the room (about a topic). Knowledge is key.

Go learn something new and become a boss.

#8: Create Something You Can Be Proud Of

The best thing you can do is take control of your life. And I’m really proud of the fact that I’ve created a few different business that have succeeded and failed. No matter what the outcome, I have always been proud of what I’ve tried to create and it has given me more confidence each time to try again.

You don’t have to build the next Facebook or anything crazy. Building anything that excites you and makes you say wow is all you need to do. I have plenty of ideas of things you can try to build or do, but I want you to be your own man/woman and explore your own ideas and go out there and build something.

Experience is key to building confidence.

#9: Go Somewhere Crazy – Come Back With a Story

I’ve never been big on traveling because I like being able to sleep in my own bed. But over the past two years I’ve traveled quite a bit and it has made me feel pretty good about myself.

Not only does traveling allow you to explore places you’ve never been to before, but can also introduces you to different cultures and environments and makes you learn how to survive in unfamiliar places.

You’ll come back with some great stories (and hopefully photos) and you will have an experiences that can never be taken away from you. That’s pretty cool.

#10: Teach Someone Something

There are few things I find that build more self-confidence than teaching someone else how to do something you can do better. You don’t need to be an expert in something you’re teaching. But to be able to pass on some knowledge to someone else will definitely make you feel good about yourself and also boost you confidence.

Not only will teaching someone make you feel good and give a boost in confidence but it will make you look like a leader, instructor, and show you how much you actually know about something.

Next time you can, offer some advice or help to someone struggling at something that you know you are successful at.

There You Have It

Some simple and mostly inexpensive ways to boost your self-confidence. This is all about feeling good about yourself and making you happy.

Sometimes you have to be selfish and do things for YOU before others.

Let me know what you think. And always remember to Be Bold, and Be Alpha.

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