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As we continue to create the Alpha program behind the scenes, we’ve been discussing all aspects of Alpha. Not just when you’re out and about but we think being alpha in the workplace is super important.

For many of you, you will have a career where you’ll work with others. My goal for you is to be the BOSS and not the subordinate that reports to someone else.

But in order to be in a position of power you need to know how to act.

There’s no better way to tell you how to act than by telling you how NOT to act. Confused? I hope not.

I’m going to tell you 10 ways you can ruin your Alpha career.

I could talk about leadership. I could talk about being hungry and motivated. I could talk about being competitive. But those things are things you should already know.

What I want you to start thinking about are the common beta behavior that I have seen in all too many workplaces. These things I’m about to list seem like common sense but there are plenty of people that don’t understand that they are ruining their own reputation and looking like a beta male because of how they act and think.

I can tell you personal stories of employees I have worked with that have done all 10 and it is cringe worthy to be around them.

So whatever you do, just don’t do these ten things.

#1) Don’t come in early and stay late just to put in “face time”

Betas think that this is the way to get ahead. Maybe it was back i the day but not any more.

It’s all about what you do and the value you actually add to a company. It’s not about sitting there and keeping your seat warm. You may fool yourself into believing you’re a hard worker if you come in early and stay late, and you might make other people “feel bad” for leaving when they feel its time to leave, but no one is going to respect you.

Come in, get your work done, show people how valuable you are, and go home. Alpha.

#2) Don’t come in dressed like shit

I don’t know how many times now I’ve said this, but what you wear matters.

Perception is everything.

People judge you in the first few seconds of looking at you. If you look like an idiot, people are going to think you’re an idiot. So dress like a classy alpha male. You should strive to be the best dressed man in the room. It doesn’t matter if you’re dressed casual or in a suit – be the best dressed person there. Look like you are a baller.

Now I know it’s difficult for some of you guys to recognize if you dress like shit. Here’s the quick test to know whether you dress like shit or not. Ask yourself these two questions:

  1. Have you bought new clothes for work in the past year?
  2. Does the way you dress make you feel like a million bucks?

If you answered NO to either one of those questions, you probably dress like shit and it’s time to figure out fashion for the workplace.

Set aside 10-20% of your paycheck to invest in yourself each payday. It will pay off in the long run. Think of it as an investment in yourself.

#3) Don’t get so comfortable you stop acting like a rainmaker

It’s easy to just think you know it all. It’s easy to think you’re the man/woman if you hold a senior position. But you should never get too comfortable.

  • Always remember: You’re replaceable.
  • And also remember: There’s someone just as hungry, if not hungrier, than you…just waiting to take over that top spot.

Stay on top of your game always. Stay competitive, stay hungry. 

#4) Don’t take notes at meetings

Subordinates listen and nod their head up and down. Beta males take notes and follow up.

Let the betas take notes. If you’re not in an alpha position yet then fine, take notes for a short period of time. But do not make it your life goal to be the secretary of the meeting.

#5) Don’t be the person that coordinates schedules to make a meeting

Similar to #4 – you’re not an administrative assistant. You’re alpha.

Don’t spend your time rotting away trying to set up meetings for other people. You’re a dealmaker. You’re a networker. You’re a get that shit done alpha male.

Do not volunteer to set up meetings. Don’t even make a habit of sending out meeting requests. You are better than this.

If someone asks you to set up a meeting just say you’re not really good at coordinating schedules so it’s probably better if you do it. If you’re in a job where it becomes your job to set up meetings – then it’s time to find another job because you are no one’s b*tch.

#6) Name drop to try to threaten people or get people to do something

Beta males use this technique as a scare tactic. The sad thing is that beta males actually think this works.

It doesn’t.

Don’t ever try to threaten people by name dropping. Two things happen: 1) You look like a fool and 2) You lose respect.

Maybe threats work when you’re trying to raise a kid. Like “No dessert if you don’t finish your vegetables!” But adults are smarter than this (unless you’re a beta that believes this technique works).

You won’t make any friends by trying to threaten them at work. And if you know anything about getting ahead in life it takes more than just yourself. So learn how to build a network, not destroy it. 

#7) Use the stupid “!” on outlook emails for “urgent” emails

Only idiots think this type of alert system is acceptable.

It’s 2015. Emails will get checked. If they aren’t replied to, follow-up. If they still aren’t answered, pick up the phone and call.

If you never hear back then forget about it. It’s not your job to chase an answer. When whoever you emailed gets all pissy about whatever, just calmly point out that you emailed them and followed up. It’s not your job to hold their hand and chase an answer. We are all adults.

#8) Micromanage

Alpha males know how to trust other people. Beta males are insecure and want to control everything.

If you want to be alpha you have to delegate (give other people responsibilities) and let others feel valued. If you’re too busy making sure other people are doing things the way you want them done, or checking in on people non-stop like an overbearing parent or looking over someone’s shoulder every 5 seconds, your coworkers/employees/subordinates are going to feel frustrated and as though you don’t trust them.

If you don’t think your employees know what they are doing – TEACH THEM. Show them how to be better so they help you make your life better.

The goal of having employees or being a leader is to surround yourself with others that make you better. It’s not to show your power and make people feel like peons.

Alpha males motivate, lead, and make people feel valued.

#9) Talk behind your subordinate or peer’s backs and have them find out

Beta males act like b*tches, Alpha males act like men.

If you are upset with someone or don’t like how someone is doing something, talk them them respectfully. Man to man. Woman to woman. Woman to man. Man to woman. It doesn’t matter who it is.

Don’t go around gossiping or telling secrets behind someone’s back. That’s what a beta male does because he doesn’t have the BALLS to talk to someone face to face. But it makes him/her feel better to let out their emotions by telling someone else.

Here’s the deal. 

It might feel good to complain or talk about someone. But whoever you’re complaining to, will get sick of you being a b*tch. And they will lose respect for you. Then when the person you’re talking about finds out, they’ll lose respect for you too. Eventually you will be on the outside looking in.

If you have something to say. You say it. You deal with it. And you move on. This is business. This isn’t life or death.

#10) Act and think poor

I put this as the last thing in the list because I think it may be the most important.

How you THINK matters.

  • If you think like a poor person, you will be poor.
  • If you act poor, you will be poor.
  • If you put people on a pedestal for having more money than you, they will always have more money than you.
  • If you think you can’t make as much money as someone else, you will not make as much money as someone else.

I find a lot of things wrong about beta males and their poor man mentality. This affects so many things.

If you think and act poor, you will dress like sh*t because you don’t want to spend any money.

If you think and act poor, you will be unhappy because you cut out the things that make you happy.

If you think and act poor, you will treat others that have more money than you differently. And in turn, they will see you as a peon.

If you think and act poor, the people around you will look at you and NOT want to be you. You will not be a role model to anyone unless another beta male comes along saying sh*t like “I want to be poor like you when I grow up.”

You MUST think like you will be rich one day. Because if you have this mentality, you will have an edge against everyone else that just thinks about their current financial situation. You will do the things that WILL make you rich. You will not look at others with more money and think they are better than you. You will look at them and say you will be that one day. And then you will surpass them.

Acting and thinking poor not only affects your wallet, it affects how people view you, how you view yourself, and what you get in life.

So start believing you will be rich. And start acting like the shit!

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What things do you think beta males should stop doing in the workplace? Have you done any of these 10 things? Do you know anyone that does them and if so, what do you think about it?

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