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10 WAYS To Dress Like The SHIT!

This is for all the guys that have no sense of style that need some help. If you do any of these things stop right now! We are in the process of putting together a comprehensive guide to created a look and after that we’ll be putting together seasonal guides of what is in and what is out of style so you can always be informed.

Be an educated alpha male.

Don’t Do Any of These Things!

#1: Wearing clothes that don’t fit

clothes too big

This is an over-generalizatino of how to dress like shit but probably the most important. If you wear clothes that don’t fit you, you’re going to look like an idiot. And I think looking like an idiot is a terrible thing.

I don’t fault anyone that dresses like an idiot though via clothes that are too large or too small. Sometimes they just don’t know. And if this is how they have dressed their entire life, then it’s comfortable to them.

BUT! If you have come to this site and read this and still dress like an idiot, then shame on you. You’re on the inside now and should know better. So make sure you wear clothes that fit you so you don’t dress like shit.

#2: Wearing an undershirt (non-v-neck)


Undershirts are comfortable and they are fine to wear. But there is a secret to undershirts – that is they should not be seen.

So many of you guys wear normal undershirts over  your dress shirt or your polo shirt and all you see is that white piece of fabric jumping out of your shirt. Sometimes the white fabric from the undershirt doesn’t even match what you’re wearing.

Of course no one is ever going to say “yo what’s up with your undershirt?” but they are probably thinking it. That or they think you look great because they also wear undershirts like you.

If you’re going to wear an undershirt (which I do) get some v-neck undershirts. Why v-necks? Because they get hidden below your shirt, which is what you want. Flawless style.

#3: Wearing shirts that are too small (tight)


Back to the whole wearing clothes that fit thing but this time I’m going to focus in on something. I see this too often where someone wears a shirt that is too tight. It’s cringe worthy, especially if you are out of shape (have a belly).

With a tight / small shirt – you look like a child or a guy that couldn’t afford new clothes as he got older. Second, if you’re out of shape, it just accentuates how much of a lazy you are and how you don’t take care of yourself. If you’re not in shape at least hide it by getting clothes that don’t hug your body.

Don’t dress like shit.

#4: Wearing pants that are too long

pants too long

Pants that are too long are wrong for so many reasons. First it shows you couldn’t properly find pants that fit you. Second they will make you look shorter than you are because of all the excess fabric near your fit that crinkle up. Third your pants will probably drag on the ground, which will start to rip and tear the fabric of your pants which makes your pants look like they are old and shitty.

#5: Wearing dirty tennis shoes

dirty shoes jeans

How many of you guys are wearing tennis shoes when you are going about your day? How many of you are sneaker heads that actually take care of your sneakers and want to look good?

Too many of you guys think shoes are just shoes. You think they are meant to be worn and get dirty. As long as they cover your feet they are good enough. But this is incorrect. People judge you on the type of shoes you wear. So stop wearing shitty shoes that don’t look good and are dirty.

By wearing dirty old tennis shoes you’re saying to the world you are a geek that just doesn’t care enough about looking good. Don’t be the king of geeks with ugly sneakers.

#6: Popping your collar

pop collar

Maybe popping your collar is still popular in European countries and internationally? I’m not sure since I live in the states. But popping your collar is a thing of the past here.

The problem with a lot of guys is that they learn what is “cool” when they are younger and don’t realize that “cool” evolves and changes over time. Instead they end up living in the past, doing things that were once cool. This type of thing will make you look so out of touch with what is cool that you will be one of the uncool ones. Do you want to be cool or uncool??

#7: Wearing shorts that look like boxers

flannel shorts

Flannel shorts. Whoever thought this was a good idea should get an award for beta male designer of the century. If you have flannel shorts, burn them. Burn them now!

Flannel shorts and a lot of cheap cargo shorts will can make you look like you have no sense of style. I don’t even have words to describe why flannel shorts suck. They are just really weird. Maybe if you were going to the beach or something but I don’t really see how anyone would want to wear such hideous shorts.

#8: Wearing “lift’ shoes because you want to look taller

lift shoes

The idea that you can “fool” people into believing you look taller by wearing boots or these shoes with larger shoes is idiotic. Maybe your short friends or the people that tell you to buy these shoes will tell you they look normal but they don’t. Everyone knows what you’re trying to do and it’s not a good thing.

There are subtle ways to make yourself look a little taller like insoles and maybe even just having better posture but don’t do it by buying these shitty shoes.

Have you ever noticed that no brand name shoe company makes these shitty shoes? You can say maybe Doc Martin’s does as an argument against what I just said but Doc Martin’s aren’t really sleek looking shoes. There’s a reason why shoe companies have stayed away from making these types of shoes – because they are ugly.

#9: Wearing clothes that are faded and old

faded clothes

Faded clothes can  be cool when you’re going for the vintage look. But most of you guys that are wearing faded clothes do it because you haven’t bought new clothes in a LONG time.

When you wear clothes that no longer hold their color and are faded and gross, you just look cheap  and like a dork.

Let’s think about it for a moment. If you had black pants at one time and now they are brown – that’s not cool. If you had blue jeans and now they are light navy – that’s faded.  It’s easy to see when something should be faded and when it’s just you not having style. Upgrade your wardrobe if you need ot.

#10: Not dressing your age

I’m not even talking about dressing like a rockstar or a skater when you’re like 35 or 40. You can do it if it fits your identity. Nothing wrong with dressing like a rockstar if you were one and still associate with it!

I’m talking about this guy sitting across from me as I write this post right now wearing Aeropostale. Isn’t that like for high school kids? Dude is nearing 40. Prime example of someone out of touch with fashion.

Don’t be the guy that thinks you should keep buying the same brands as you always have. Fashion trends change and so do you. What was fashion appropriate and in some ways “age appropriate” may not be any more. This is like me still wearing Abercrombie & Fitch 15 years later. Weird.


Fashion is not difficult. Dressing like shit is really easy. And lots of people do it. I actually wrote this article while sitting at Starbucks observing a bunch of people walk by and just picked out the best of the shitty dressed people.

Make some changes to how you dress so you create a good impression. People love a well-dressed man.

Be Alpha.

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