Take Control of Your Life

I might go into more detail about this stuff later – but until then…

This is for the younger generation of alphas out there or aspiring alphas. I want you to know what it’s like to be alpha in your 20s because it’s different as you grow older. What’s cool when you’re 20 is not always cool when you’re 30.

Just by way of background. I wasn’t always alpha. You can read my bio and a bunch of other stuff to hear the story. But I was…

  • The President of my Fraternity, one of the largest in the nation.
  • And I was pretty popular with everyone throughout my 20s. I’ve always been pretty keen on knowing what’s alpha and what’s beta.

I think some of you will see that you are well on your way to being alpha (if you already aren’t) while others will be able to see what changes they should make.

  1. You dress better than everyone else (in a cool way, not super metro clean cut boyish way)
  2. Girls know you and hang out with you
  3. You have a circle of friends (no alpha is really a loner, even if its by choice)
  4. You are competitive
  5. You win more than you lose
  6. People ask you for help
  7. People want you to hang out with them even if you’re busy (they try to peer pressure you)
  8. You have stuff to do other than homework or going to work
  9. You work out
  10. You play sports
  11. You care about other people – friends, family, strangers
  12. You help out – volunteer or some other way
  13. You say how are you and thank you
  14. You introduce yourself to strangers or random people
  15. You can take a joke
  16. You have interesting stories to tell
  17. You’re focused on not only today but where you’re headed
  18. You make people feel good about themselves
  19. You party
  20. You earn money

I might expand on this later. But if you’re hitting 7-12 of these then you’re on the right track. You don’t need to be doing everything on the list to be alpha.

If not, start. Alpha waits for nobody.

Be Alpha.


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