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Our original article on “How To Be Cool In College” has received a lot of attention and because of that, I want to give you five simple tips on ways to be cool in college.

Very simply, being cool in college will probably make or break your college life. Yes, studying is important but if all you cared about was your grades you’d probably be studying and not reading this article.

And I’m not telling you to not study. If you go to college then you need to take advantage of the opportunity to you have. But college is about academics and being social (growing your network for the rest of your life).

Who you are can make or break you. Even when you’re in college.

Now why do I want you to be cool in college? Because I know how great life can be when you feel cool in college. I also know what it’s like to not be cool in college (not really) but I hear a lot of stories of guys that just aren’t cool that wish they were.

When you’re not cool in college you might feel sad and alone. You might wish you had someone else’s life or start feeling angry about who you are and (honestly) maybe even hate your college experience. This makes me sad. I want everyone that decides to pay thousands of dollars to LOVE their college experience because it should be one of the best (if not the) experience of your life.

College is a time for you to learn, grow, experiment and just be free. Don’t be held down by not being cool in college.

With all of that said – I want to provide you with five simple tips on how to be cool in college. I hope they help you.

Tip #1 – It’s All About What You Wear

Being cool is about looking cool first and foremost. In college being in style goes a long way.

If you’re a guy in college: remember who you’re audience is. Girls are all about what’s in style for guys and girls so you need to stay on your game.

The “trend game” (if that’s what you want to call it) has changed dramatically since I was in college. Before it was all about music videos, MTV, and magazines. Young celebrities made things trendy. The world is different now. Instagram, snapchat, and youtube now introduce you guys to internet celebs that really set fashion trends.

Stay informed and copy what’s hot. Don’t reinvent the wheel and try to come up with your own “cool” style if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Tip of tips: Don’t dress like shit. Wear clothes that fit. Don’t wear free t-shirts from the career fair, ever.

Tip #2 – Body Language Matters. A LOT.

I don’t know a lot of college kids that think about body language. They just do what they know. If you’re reading this, you have an advantage over everyone else that is uniformed. And if you have learned anything in college, it is that knowledge is power.

Body language can convey confidence or it can convey insecurities. Even if you are insecure or have low self-esteem, no one needs to know if you have good body language.

Tip of tips: Check out our section on Alpha body language

Tip #3 – Don’t Stay in Your Dorm Playing Video Games

Video games are cool. But playing them in college won’t make you cool.

I remember when I was in college. A game named “Counterstrike” was all the rage. Guys were in their rooms playing this game all day long and thought they were the coolest. Little did they know the guys that weren’t playing video games where socializing with all the college girls and being cool in college.

You can play video games when you’re old (or not). Just try to not waste too much time in front of your tv or computer playing games. Talk to girls, party, or hang out at the student center instead.

Tip of tips: Be social. Don’t be a hermit that hides in your room. This means don’t sleep all day and watch tv all night.

Tip #4 – Keep The Backpack Light

There’s really no need to carry all those books in your backpack.

Nowadays you’re probably carrying books, a notebook and your laptop in your backpack. That ish gets heavy. Leave all the books at home and only carry the ones you need. Don’t be a geek on the street. Only carry what you know you’re going to need that day.

If you drive to school, leave what you don’t in the car and go get it when you do.

If you must bring a million and one books to school on the same day, don’t overload your backpack. Carry one in your hand. It actually looks cooler than being the hump back of the college campus with a heavy ass backpack.

Tip of tips: Only geeks put all their books in their backpack that becomes so heavy they bend over while walking and look like they have a turtle shell.

Tip #5 – Stay In Shape or Get In Shape

Sadly, college is about being cool. And if you have not learned anything from this article, looking cool makes you cool.

Who is “cool” in college? The hotties. Simple as that.

Go to the gym. Lift weights. Become a man with muscles.

The reasons to look good are really simple. Not that many people work out on campus. You might not believe me but honestly you probably have thousands of people on campus and only a few hundred going to the gym consistently.

You’ll set yourself apart really quickly by just working out a few times a week.

While everyone is sleeping in and playing video games (because I know you’re not studying 24/7), you can spend 45-60 minutes at the gym getting a little muscle. Trust me it’s going to make you stand out.

Guys will be like “damn you been working out?” and girls will be like a “Damn you been working out??”

Tell me that doesn’t make your day.

Tip of tips: Work out because no one else is and girls like it. I think that’s enough of an incentive. 

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