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Are you a passive aggressive Beta Male?

Beta males do some of the dumbest things when they are upset and things don’t go there way. They are little b*tches or little immature men. If you do any of the following – know that people realize this and think you’re beta.

Being passive aggressive is a beta male’s way of handling conflict. It’s such a waste of time and frustrates everyone, yet beta males seem to think this is the right way to act when they are upset.

Beta males don’t have the balls to just tell you they aren’t happy due to fear or avoidance of conflict. So instead they use passive aggressive behavior to try to address the problem.

Here’s the current TOP 8 Passive Aggressive Behaviors of a Beta Male


Beta males don’t like to talk when they get upset. Have you ever done this? When someone needs something or asks for something do you just ignore them?

When you get upset do you just go silent? Do you think that if you’re don’t say anything you’ll get your way? Stop being a passive aggressive beta and tell people what’s wrong.

I worked with a bunch of beta males that thought they were really hot shit. That was until they didn’t get their way. Then they threw little fits and complained like babies. One of their main ways to show they were upset was just not saying anything. They held in their anger and let their face go red.

Don’t be a loser.


“Oh okaaaay.” “Riiiiight.” “If you want….”

Are these phrases you say when you’re annoyed? You might be a beta male.

Just tell people the problem instead of being sarcastic and thinking that this is going to solve your problems. You’re just going to stay upset and upset everyone else.


Beta males hate when things don’t go their way. And if they can’t have it there way, then no one can they’d rather ruin things for everyone.

Have you ever sabotaged someone’s opportunity? Maybe you hid something someone needed or deleted files that were important to a project. Just because life isn’t fair doesn’t mean you should ruin other people”s chances at doing something.


Beta males LOVE to do NOTHING when they are upset. They pretend like they forgot. Or they don’t remember how to do something. All of the sudden they are little children that need their hand held.

Don’t be a little baby. Be a man and do what you need to do.


Ever not happy for someone else’s success or good news because you’re beta? Turn that frown upside down. Just because your life sucks doesn’t mean someone else has to.


Beta males like to drag their feet when they have to do things they don’t want to. Think about how little kids act when they have to go to sleep at their bedtime or leave the playground. They get heavy feet.

The same heavy feet happen to a beta male but in a different way. They show up late or procrastinate and wait until the last minute.


Here’s a kicker. Alpha males will be direct with people when there is conflict. Beta males on the other hand avoid contact at all cost.

Betas will have their friends contact you. They will not reply to your emails and let your calls go to voice mail. They would rather text or talk through a middleman then talk to you.

This has happened to me before where a beta male I was doing business with got upset. I’d call him try to discuss things and figure out a compromise but he was a little beta and never answered. What a loser.

How To Deal With Passive Aggressive B.S.

Beta males are passive aggressive individuals. There is nothing fun or good about being passive aggressive. Even writing this post makes me angry thinking about how beta males do these things when they are upset. But if you have to deal with them, then you have to deal with them.

If you have to deal with passive aggressive behavior – confront it head on.

Ask the beta male if there is a problem. Recognizing there is a problem is the first step. Don’t just allow the poor behavior continue.

Tell the person to tell you why they are upset. Ask them what you can do to make things better. By “babying” them you get on their level and they no longer feel like you don’t care. All they want is attention and to be heard.

Don’t tolerate this beta male behavior. Tell them this is NOT the right way to go about things. “If there is a problem you should just let me (us) know so we can fix the issue instead of just being frustrated.” Don’t belittle them or insult them.

Tell them to just talk it out. Let them know this form of behavior won’t get them far in life (say it in a way that they understand you care). And hug it out or just make sure they are fine or agree to everything being okay before you end the conversation.

Final Thoughts

These are simple tips to changing your life. If you are a passive aggressive beta male, realize you are not doing yourself any good behaving this way. Be a man. Confront your problems and  be direct with people. It will be more beneficial to everyone else.

If you have to deal with this beta male behavior, foll the steps above to make everything better and clear the air.

Be Alpha. 

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