Take Control of Your Life

A Few Quick Reminders

It’s a holiday weekend here in the states so I’m out of the city right now but have spent some time talking to people just to meet some new people and I have some really good takeaways that I want to share from some of my own experiences and from what other’s have told me.

I’m just going to list them out here. Eventually we’ll expand on everything so it makes a little more sense.

  1. Don’t let your ego get in the way of trying new things.
  2. Don’t accept things as they are.
  3. Stop searching for perfection. Search for happiness instead.
  4. Have short-term and long-term goals. Never lose sight of where you want to go.
  5. Be flexible. Sometimes in life you have to make compromises and take detours to get to your ultimate goal.
  6. Money isn’t everything. But it is something. So make sure you get what you are worth.
  7. Everyone’s goals in life are different. Just because someone doesn’t have the same vision as you doesn’t mean they are wrong.
  8. Make an impact.
  9. Make changes in your life if you are unhappy. It’s a red flag if you wake up each day upset, scared or stressed.

I hope everyone is having a good weekend. We have a little over 4 months left in 2014. Let’s make the most of it.


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