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A New Year Does Not Mean Quit

Just a quick note to all of you that are thinking about doing something really drastic with your life as the new year approaches.

A lot of you are unhappy with your job situation. I completely understand that. Since the credit crisis of 2008 and 2009, people have been demoted, fired, unemployed, and working at jobs they “settled” on just to be employed. I know a lot of you are unhappy with your pay, your work environment and your responsibilities. But don’t quit just yet.

There are things in your life that you will not enjoy partaking in. This could be a bad job, a terrible relationship, living in a city you don’t like, or wanting something better in your life.

You’ll usually get two types of advice when you tell people about your problems. You should listen to neither.

The first is – “If you hate it so much, just quit!”

The second is – “Everyone has to go through this, you’re not any different. Just suck it up.”

This sort of advice is not helpful. It’s idiotic. Let me tell you why.

Don’t Just Quit

Quitting anything feels good in the moment and for a little while. But before you quit, have a plan B. Your plan B is not a back up plan, it’s a plan for what the hell are you doing after you quit. Too often people just quit to quit. Or they quit because they want to prove something to themselves. Weeks and months go by and they have nothing else going for them. That’s kind of stupid.

Quick story. 

I know a beta male that thought he was better than his job in December 2013. He sent me a text one night saying “I quit my job!! I’m ready to start living my life!” I replied, “What are you going to do now?” He said “I don’t know.” Fast forward to December 2014, this beta male still is unemployed and has no idea what he’s going to do. Mind you he’s 33 years old. That’s just sad.

Have a plan if you’re going to quit anything. You don’t need to have a guarantee, just a plan. 

Don’t Accept Mediocrity

Now onto the second type of advice of “sucking it up.” This is terrible. That’s like saying you have to live with the cards you are dealt and nothing you ever want to do or try to do is worthwhile. The person usually giving you this advice hates their life. Why would you ever listen to someone that hates their own life? They can’t even give themselves good advice, so they shouldn’t be giving you any advice whatsoever.

Don’t listen to people that say you can’t have better or you can’t be better and you have to accept things for how they are. If we all accepted life as it is there would be no innovation, no improvement to our living situations and we would all just be average losers.

Be A Little Patient

2015 looks promising on the employment front. Unemployment has been declining and jobless claims have been going down (I think it rose slightly recently/maybe today). But all in all, it looks like there’s an uptick in the economy which means people will be hiring.

In addition, it looks like more people are quitting their jobs for higher paying jobs. So be patient. If you put in the work (networking, applying, learning the right skills), you’ll get opportunities to get a Plan B.

New Years are not about being foolish. It’s about being smart and coming up with a plan to make your life better.

Remember, you don’t need a guarantee, just a plan. Then go at it full force. Whatever you do, don’t be like that 33 year old beta male I mentioned in the story above that thought he was invincible and quit his job and a year later is more of a loser than he was when he was at least making money so he could survive.

Stay strong. Stay Alpha.  

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