Take Control of Your Life

So many people go wander through life trying to “get lucky”.

  • Get lucky finding a new job
  • Get lucky meeting girls
  • Get lucky making more money
  • Get lucky getting an A in a class
  • Get lucky getting laid
  • Get lucky getting a good deal
  • Get lucky meeting the right people
  • Get lucky getting new opportunities

Don’t live life hoping to get lucky. Get lucky because you set yourself up to be lucky.

When you set yourself up for success – luck is going to be on your side. This is what you must do in order to “get lucky”. Luck doesn’t just happened. It happens to the prepared. It happens to the guys that make it happen. Don’t be a lucky beta that just hopes and prays he gets lucky. Be a lucky alpha that makes his own luck and puts himself in the right positions to be lucky.

How to set yourself up for success for…

A New Job

Applying to jobs online is a big waste of time. Yes it can work but it’s not the easiest way to go about finding a new job. You can spend your entire life filling out online applications and submitting resumes and cover letters and never hear back.

There’s a big problem with the application process with jobs – if I knew how to fix it, I’d be a really rich alpha. But I don’t. So instead, I’m going to tell you how to set yourself up for success for a new job instead.

Rather than apply and apply and wait and wait, reach out to your contacts. You don’t even need to know everyone personally to ask them for help with your career search. The goal is to figure out who you know that can help you in one way or another (either directly or indirectly by introducing someone else to you).

Life is a lot easier when you have someone that actually knows the hiring manager and can forward your resume and vouch for you versus having your resume go into a pile and hoping it gets picked for an interview.

Additionally, for you guys that don’t have the proper experience and can’t get the job you want (right now). You need to set yourself up for success by getting the right skills and meeting the right people that can help you. Don’t just sit around waiting and thinking if you continue to apply and apply that you’ll get the job.

Meeting the Right People

Meeting people can be as easy as introducing yourself to them. But meeting the right people isn’t always that easy.

You have two options to meeting the right people:

  1. Wait around and hope you meet the right people
  2. Find a way in

Let’s say you don’t have a network today. How do you build one? For a beta male, you’ll probably say “I can’t. I suck. I’m a loser.” But let’s pretend you’re alpha for a moment. As an alpha, you’ll make it happen! You’ll find a way! Failure is not an option.

So as an alpha setting himself up for success – this is what I suggest:

  1. Find out what type of people you want to meet. You don’t even have to have specific people in mind. Just the type.
  2. Find out where said people hang out or go (i.e. conferences or maybe even coffee shops or what not)
  3. Find them and have something to say to them (engage them with something good)
  4. Share contact information
  5. Follow-up and connect with them again. You are either going to be connected to the person you want to know or be one step closer to who you want to meet.
  6. Wash, rinse and repeat.

What people don’t really realize is that conferences are not just to learn things or see what new products are available, they are networking opportunities. If you’re paying to go to a conference, don’t just go to go, go to network and build your contacts.

You can also use Linkedin or any other social media outlet and try your luck. It’s all about putting yourself out there and in a position to meet the right people.

Don’t be a beta male and sit at home on your hands hoping someone comes knocking on your door to meet you.

Getting Laid / Meeting Girls

So many aspiring alpha males that are beta want to meet girls and get laid. I get messages a lot asking about this and that about getting laid. My favorites are the “What if” scenarios. “What if she doesn’t like me?” What if other people are around?” “What if she’s really into me?” “What if I’m too young/old?”

Enough of that beta mentality. Let’s be real.

The only way you are going to get laid is if you set yourself up for success to get laid.

  • If all you do is stay at home and watch porn – you’re not getting laid any time soon.
  • If all you do is use tinder and OKCupid nonstop – your chances of getting laid and meeting girls goes up but not always significantly
  • If you hang out where there are no girls – you probably are not going to meet any girls
  • If you go to places where there are girls you are not attracted to – you will not meet girls you want to meet

This happens too often where guys (beta males) set themselves up for failure. They don’t even want to succeed. They just like to put them in a position that allows them to make up excuses or complain.

Here’s what you need to do if you want to meet girls and get laid: Put yourself in a position to meet girls and get laid!

  • Go out to places where girls are
  • Talk to girls
  • Go on dates
  • Be in a position to meet girls!

I can’t emphasize this enough. So many guys want to meet girls and get laid – it’s like all they talk about. But instead of actually being in a position to successfully make this happen they just sit around with they’re “boys” and talk about it. Sad.

Be alpha. Be smart.

Making More Money

Having a job earns you money. But it doesn’t always mean making more money.

This alpha tip is only for the guys that really want to make more money and are willing to put in the work to do it. It’s not for everyone and by no means a requirement to being alpha.

If you want to make more money you have to put yourself in the right position to make more money. What does this mean?

Sometimes it means getting a second job (but this isn’t always the smartest way).

What’s better is finding alternative ways to let your money make money for you (is that confusing?). I’m talking about being smarter than your average working bear. There are a few ways I suggest you go about making more money.

  • Work smarter – not harder
  • Save/Invest your money
  • Setting up ways to make money by doing very little work (after the initial set up)

There are so many beta males in this world that think you need to work hard and kiss a$$ in order to make a buck. Wrong wrong wrong. Don’t be fooled by this beta mentality, which is easy to get caught up in. Working smart is the way to go. Making your money work for you is the way to go. And making money while you’re asleep is the ultimate.

  1. In order to make more money and get a raise you need to be smart. Anyone can work hard. It’s the guy that thinks about the business and offers good recommendations that gets the raise. Be that guy. Don’t be the guy that can be replaced. This is how you set yourself up to be a valued asset of a company.
  2. Don’t spend all your money you make. I know we have a tendency to spend what we have and save very little. We can just make it all back in two weeks right? But honestly, the best thing you can do for yourself is find ways to invest your money and earn a return on that money for your future. Spend some, save some. Compounding your money (a topic for another day) is how you make real money.
  3. One of the best ways to make more money is through passive income. Eventually I’ll get a tutorial together on how to build a website and ways you can make money by building one. To Be Alpha earns a few dollars here and there but it was never created to be a profitable website, however, building a site and trying a few things, its very easy to see the power of passive income.

Again, it’s all about putting yourself in the right position to making things happen. Be smart. Save money and then invest it. And if you have time, build something that you can just have around that makes money on its own.

Getting a Promotion

Similar to getting a raise, getting a promotion is not about being the hardest worker in the building. Its common practice to just work hard and wait your time to getting a promotion. This is fine but this seems a little beta, no?

Rather than sit around hoping and waiting each year for that promotion you need to put yourself in the position to be promoted. How do you do this?

  • First, you need to ask yourself, what does it take to get promoted? Why should anyone promote you or anyone else?
  • Then you need to find out how you can make people notice you and think of you when promotion season comes along.

To set yourself up for a promotion – work on the right projects that give you the skills and exposure for the next level. Learn more than just your job. Learn what you need for the next level.

Then when you got that first part down, start telling people about your aspirations to move up. You can be very forward with people about wanting a promotion or just ask out of curiosity “I know this, that and I’ve worked on this and that project. I’m pretty confident in my abilities and believe I’m ready to be a manager/vp/director…” Just throw that out there enough. Let it be known.

Don’t sit on the side lines and think people can read your mind. Because they can’t. If they could, they would be in a circus on something traveling the world.

Luck Is Right Around the Corner. Make sure you’re on the corner!

Remember, this post is all about setting yourself up for success. It’s not about hoping, wishing, and praying. It’s about making the right moves to be in the right place when opportunities present themselves.

Life is like a game of chess. Make the right moves and you will be at a strategic advantage to win.

Be Alpha.

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