Take Control of Your Life

Here’s a quick tip for you all –

Alpha isn’t only about being big, loud and dominant. The little things matter just as much, if not more than the typical alpha characteristics you probably are aware of.

Eye Contact

We all know eye contact is important, but it’s even more important when you’re frustrated or upset. You never want to show any signs of weakness which happens when you avoid contact when emotional. Always look people in the eyes. They’ll respect you for it and know you aren’t some beta POS.

How You Walk

Living in NYC you see people walking around 24/7. Most of the people walking have no purpose to their walk, they just slouch their shoulders and back and drag their feet like a person going to the slaughter house. Don’t be one of these lazy walkers that convey to the world they are miserable. Have a purpose with your walk. Walk tall. Chest out. Let your arms swing. Look around (never be afraid to turn your head). Maybe even smile at a pretty girl that you make eye contact with.

Don’t be one of those guys that just stares straight like a robot. You are not a robot. You are alpha.

How You Sit

Sit like a man in control not like a beta waiting to get spoken to. Sit up right. Hands in a good place – maybe on the table, maybe arms crossed. Don’t put them under the table. Sit with your legs open or crossed. Take up space. Don’t shrink up – even when you’re sitting.

Alpha Tone

Warm up your voice in the morning if you need to. Try to talk a little louder and with a deeper tone if possible. People consider this more alpha. Don’t be shy when you say the little things like “Good morning” or “How are you?” Just by being a little louder when you say such phrases causes people to perk up and actually respond to you rather than just smile or ignore you.

There’s plenty more – but for now, we’ll leave it at this. Just remember that you have to focus on the little things that really separate alpha from beta. The last thing you want to be is another beta male struggling to get by because you didn’t know how to be alpha.

Be Alpha my friends.

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