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Alpha Tip: Don’t Be Invisible

If you’re a beta male, chances are you aren’t getting a lot of respect. By beta male, I’m talking about the shy guys, the reserved guys, the introverts, the one’s that keep to themselves, the followers (for more info check out: What is a beta male).

The last thing you want to be is invisible, but it’s very easy to be invisible. You probably aren’t trying to draw a lot of attention to yourself and you’re probably avoiding eye contact as to avoid any sort of confrontation.

I see it everywhere I go. On the street, on the subway, in the coffee shop, and even in the workplace. Beta males everywhere just get lost in the crowd. No one gives them the time of day, no one cares about their opinions or what they have to say, and they’re forgotten when they’re gone.

Beta males often have the mindset that they should just do what they are told and eventually they’ll get the acknowledgement they deserve. But if  you’ve been a beta male and operating under this mindset, you know this is rarely ever true.

Rather than just be a quiet beta male –

  • You need to make your presence known.
  • You need to let people know you’re here.
  • You need to tell people what you’ve accomplished.
  • You need to share your ideas and opinions.
  • You need to speak up.

Essentially, you need to act differently then a beta male.

It’s bad enough that you’re a beta male. But it’s worse that you’re also invisible when you’re beta.

So What Can You Do?

Well, from my own observations of beta males there are a few things you start start doing.

#1 Be More Vocal

Yes, this means you need to start speaking up. What I see with a lot of betas is that they wait for someone to acknowledge their existence before they start talking. This means they are essentially waiting for someone else to say “how can I help you” or “What do you think?”. Even worse it’s like beta males think “I can’t talk until someone says I can.”

Rather than wait for people to tell you when you can talk, just talk. There is no rule or law against speaking up.

#2 Don’t Make Yourself So Small

What often happens with beta males is they don’t feel worthy of taking up room. This happens when standing in line, when waiting for your cup of coffee, when sitting at a conference table or even sitting on something like the subway.

Take up more room! Stop being so nice. Yes, you should move out of the way for people if you need to but to voluntarily shrink into a small shrimp just makes you look tiny.

  • When you sit at a table, don’t hide your hands underneath the table
  • When you stand and wait for something don’t fold your arms across your chest
  • If you’re in college and wearing a backpack, try not to put your hands on your straps to make yourself smaller

#3 Be More Direct

Stop fluffing your answers and get to the point! Have you read “Know When to Shut Up“? No one is going to pay attention to someone that says stupid sht like

“I… I…I’m sorry, I know this is a stupid question, and I think I should have just googled it, but, you know when….” by this point no one gives a sht. They want you to just leave. To others you look like an incompetent loser. 

When you’re direct, people listen. Even if you’re just asking for a refill. Just ask for it. Don’t fluff. No one likes a fluffer. Fluffing is for super beta males.

#4 Stop Hiding Behind Technology

Almost everyone nowadays has their head down fumbling with their smartphone. Whether this is because you’re actually busy looking at something important or you don’t know what to do so you decide to just pretend like you’re doing something with your iPhone, this needs to stop.

By always looking at your phone, you have really poor body language and you have zero eye contact with anyone. Your heads down, and you look like a you don’t want to talk to anyone so essentially you’re non-existent.

Final Thoughts

As a beta male you’re already invisible. Don’t take extra steps to make yourself even more invisible. Get seen and be noticed! Only you can take control of your life.

Be Alpha. 

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