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Alpha Tip: Keep People Honest

In boxing there’s a phrase that talks about keeping people honest. Usually it happens when someone punches another person and they feel the power of the punch. It keeps people on their toes and doesn’t let the opponent take big risks or come inside and try to throw some hard power punches.

I think this idea of keeping people honest is important not just in a fight sport where you could potentially get your a$$ kicked if you don’t protect yourself and also fight back but in life in general.

There are plenty of alpha and beta males that want to have power over other people. And most of the time others will just give their power away. This happens in the workplace. This happens when a salesman is trying to sell you something. It happens when people try to be rude to you.

Rather than let people walk all over you – it’s time to keep people honest.

Now life is not a boxing match, so we can’t throw left jabs, right hooks and uppercuts at people to keep them on the defensive rather than the offensive. But what we can do is out smart people, out wit them, and call people on their sh*t.

Beta Males are Too Nice

A lot of guys care too much about being liked and not hurting other people’s feelings. This is fine. No one should want to go out of their way to make enemies. But wanting to make sure everyone likes you is not going to be good for you. I truly believe this and that is why we emphasize it so much at To Be Alpha – do not be so nice!

When you’re too nice people will walk all over you. You can’t keep people honest if they walk all over you. They’ll have their way with you and throw you to the curb when you’re no longer needed.

Examples of being walked all over include – 

  • Other’s making you do their stupid work and then taking credit for it
  • People giving you attitude and treating you like sh*t to make themselves feel better
  • People making you buy things you don’t need like
  • Sales people telling you things look good on you when they don’t
  • People making excuses to you rather than telling you the truth

If these are things that are happening to you or you feel “dirty”, “ripped off”, or “disrespected” then you need to start keeping people honest.

Ways To Keep People Honest

Learn How to Say No

Saying no isn’t easy for a lot of people, I recognize this. So I’m not just going to tell you to say no. I’d like to give you some other tips on ways to transition into no.

Saying no in the workplace – next time someone tells you to do something, push back. Say you have a few other things you have to do so you don’t know if you can get to it. People do this all the time, especially the people that try to pass off their work to you.

If you don’t feel comfortable pushing back by saying you have other things. Ask “What is the time frame you need it by?” When they respond just say “I don’t think I have the capacity to get to it because of these other things I’m working on.” Either the person trying to get you to do their work will do it themselves or you’ll find that they magically don’t need what they needed as urgently any more.

Stump the Sales Person

Sales people are in the business to sell. A lot of them make commission off each sale so their interest is in their wallet, not in what you need. No disrespect to any of you in sales, because sales drives a business, but really sales people are there to sell.

Rather than just letting them use their sales tactics to get you to buy whatever they want you to buy you should ask then why you really need whatever they are trying to sell you. Of course they will have a reason. Sales people have an answer to everything.

Instead of just saying yes, just say I think I’ll pass for now. I don’t really need it. They’ll have a response for this too. At some point you need to hold firm on what you believe you need and don’t need. If nothing works just walk away and let them lose the sale.

Keep these fools honest.

Stay Calm

There are a lot of weak beta males in this world that try to act alpha. They get emotional and take out their bad days on other people. They try to pick on people that are seen as weaker than them.

When betas have a bad day they get upset and can be rude and say some disrespectful things. The last thing you want to do is engage in an argument with a beta male. Betas don’t know know how to be professional when they get upset. They are little babies. If you engage with a beta you’re just going to get the beta more emotional.

Rather than add fuel to the fire of a beta firestorm, remain calm. Make the beta feel stupid (and keep him honest).

  • Calmly and confidently ask the beta “Is there a problem?”
  • The beta will usually want to do some passive aggressive bs like avoid eye contact and say “no” or some other bs answer
  • Reply with “Well based on your tone it seems like something is wrong. If that’s the case then let’s figure it out rather than just being upset. This is a work environment and we should keep things professional.”

No need to pull someone to the side or step into an office to say this. I actually prefer you do it in front of other people so other’s also know this beta is acting up. It’s the most efficient way to keep someone honest.

Call People Out If They Lying

One of the worst things that people do is lie. Now I’m not saying you should always be honest but there are a lot of fools out there that think they can fool you. As an alpha, this is unacceptable. Fooling you is the same as disrespecting you. Let’s not let this happen.

If you know someone is saying something that is wrong in a meeting or even when talking to others just say “That’s not right.”

Don’t go with the passive aggressive “I don’t think that’s right.” The phrase you need to use is “that’s not right.”

This shuts people up really quick. They won’t try to defend the lies they are telling because you’re saying they are a liar not that you think they are a liar. This will keep people honest, especially when they are around you, because they know you’ll call them out on their sh*t.

Keep People Honest

Make people be honest. Otherwise they will feel invincible and do things that could screw with you. You gotta keep people on their toes and let them know you won’t take their sh*t.

Be Alpha.

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