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This section of the site is dedicated to being Alpha.

We discuss everything from what an alpha male is to what it is not. In addition, we discuss being a beta male.

The goal of the Be Alpha section is to help educate men on how to be alpha and provide guidance to reclaim their masculinity.

Be Alpha

Are You an Alpha Male? – Read up on the characteristics of an Alpha Male and see if you’re as alpha as you think you are.

Alpha Male Characteristics – Find out what it’s like to be an alpha male. Learn the traits and characteristics of an alpha and see how you match up.

Alpha Male Body Language –  The way you sit, the way you stand, the way you walk – it all matters. Find out what body language an Alpha male has compared to the average man.

Voice Tone – Do you have the voice of an alpha male? How would you like to be the guy that people listen to when you speak? Learn the different types of voice tones of a man.

What Is A Beta Male – Here we break down what traits and characteristics make up a beta male. It’s best to educate yourself.

The Myth of the Alpha Male There is a big misconception of what an Alpha male is. We’re going to clear it all up here for you so you can focus on becoming alpha.

Alpha vs Beta MaleA lot of guys always ask, “What’s so bad about being a beta male?” To Be Alpha answers that question for you.

Alpha Male FAQFrequently asked questions of being alpha. This will be updated on the regular.