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Been Busy Writing!

Apologies for the lack of updates. I’ve been editing the 19 Steps to Alpha – The Essentials to Becoming Alpha. I expanded on all of the sections that’s why the cover still says 4.

I really want to put something together that everyone can benefit from. The book includes illustrations, tips, steps, information….just a lot of useful content. I’m not trying to make it perfect but I want to make sure it is “good enough.”

Once this ebook is complete, I’ll be focused on putting together a lot of content. It will probably be shorter than a lot of the more recent articles but still have a lot of helpful strategies.

It’s really difficult to focus on more than one subject going from alpha to fitness to career to relationships…but everything is important. If there is something you really want to be covered, feel free to post a comment or shoot an email.

Stay tuned and keep coming back! Be back in action later this week.

Be Alpha. 

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