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Body Beast Review

I am not affiliated with Beachbody. I was at one time but I’m not into pushing anything on anyone. Get it though if you want to build muscle and look like a beast.

I gained 12lb of pure muscle using body beast. If this is all you read in the review, read this:


Body Beast is a workout program by Beachbody that concentrates on muscle growth. This means you will be working on building muscle mass and increasing the growth and size of your muscles and your overall health.

Who is the program for?

  • The program is aimed for anyone looking to get ripped.
  • Men and woman can complete the program if they are in good health.

What does the program consist of?

The program has two options, HUGE BEAST or LEAN BEAST.

Both are a 90 day workout program that will get you big.

  • The HUGE BEAST program is for those only looking to gain size.
  • The LEAN BEAST program is for those looking to get ripped and lose a little bit of body fat.

You will be instructed by Sagi Kalev, who is an award winning body builder and training expert. He built got ripped naturally with no steroids whatsoever and has built a program for you to do the same.

Sagi has been on the cover of fitness magazines, including Muscle and Fitness. He has held the title of Mr. Israel and has years of training experience.

If you follow the program you can gain up to 20lb of lean muscle mass within the 90 days.

The program is perfect for anyone that is looking to build muscle and gain mass that has had a tough time doing it alone. Body BEAST provides you with a workout plan and a nutrition guide to guarantee you results.

Body BEAST Workout Packages

There are several different Body Beast packages you can purchase. I don’t really think it is necessary to go into too much detail about them. All you really need are the DVDs if you need the instructional help and motivation for Body Beast.

Some of the packages include supplements which are good and I will speak about briefly below. But you don’t actually need the Body Beast supplements to get in shape.

Body BEAST Review

If you’re curious about Body BEAST you’ve probably read a lot of reviews.

Some of the reviews will be honest and truthful while others are probably written  by internet marketers trying to make a sale.

I have completed one round of the program and gained 11lbs of lean muscle mass in 90 days. I am beginning my second round of Body BEAST as I write this with the hopes of gaining 15-20lb of lean muscle mass this round.

First I will say the money back guarantee is real and I have sent other Beachbody products back that I did not enjoy. Beachbody’s customer service is top notch and they will not try to pressure you into not returning anything or buying anything else. It is a no questions asked return policy as long as you return the product within the allotted timeframe.

Personally, I enjoyed the Body BEAST program a lot more than most of the other Beachbody exercises primarily because it was focused on gaining weight and weight lifting.

When I was going through the first round of the program they did not have the iphone app available so that I could just go to the gym and do the exercises. I had to watch all the DVDs and write down the exercises and bring them to the gym to complete. However, I had no problem doing this.

Dynamic Set Training

The workout program took a lot of hard work in the gym as the Dynamic Set Training will tire your muscles out but with proper nutrition and supplements you will have a quick recovery period and you will have solid muscle growth.

I enjoyed how the program broke the phases up into 3 sections, BUILD, BULK, and BEAST.

  • In the first phase you are getting your muscles used to exercises and learning how to eat correctly to gain weight.
  • In the BULK phase your exercises are more focused on hitting each muscle to fatigue.
  • In the BEAST phase you’ll cut back the amount of carbs you’re eating and load up on protein and start your cutting phase to get into competition ready form.

Although you’re bulking during the BUILD and BULK phase you’ll cut all the body fat that you’ve gained in the last phase of the program.  And if you do everything right, you’ll look better than you did before you start the program.

The workouts are tough if you focus on form and do the exercises in the time period recommended with little rest. However another big component of the program will focus on the diet.

Your Diet Is Important

You need to eat enough and eat right in order gain weight and build muscle. If you are just going to work out hard and burn a bunch of calories and not feed your body then you will not reach your maximum potential. The great thing is that Body BEAST provides you with the nutrition guide that outlines eating times, how much to eat and recipes for you to cook.

Home or Gym?

The program can be done at home or the gym.

The only thing I would caution if you do this at home is that you have enough heavy dumbbells to use as you increase your strength.

Seriously, Your Diet Is Important

I can’t say enough about how important it is to focus on your nutrition when you are trying to build muscle. This is where people usually fail and all the hard work in the gym goes to waste. Follow the nutrition guide and either buy similar supplements or the Beachbody recommended supplements to get the most out of the program.

My Final Thoughts on Body BEAST

If you’re ready to commit to this awesome program that will get you ripped and build muscle than I think you should give Body BEAST a try. You really don’t have anything to lose with the 90 day money back guarantee.

If you would rather not buy the DVD program then I have outlined the exercises, schedule and provide workout sheets for you. As well, I have tried to provide you with a nutrition guide that is similar to that of the Body BEAST program but not as detailed.

See what’s inside the Body BEAST Guide (sent to your email)

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