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This is a full review of the Body BEAST Supplements for the Body BEAST Beachbody work out program.

In addition to the Body BEAST supplements, I will offer substitute supplements that work just as good (if not better) than what is offered by Beachbody. The reason why I offer substitute supplements to the BEAST program is because some people find Beachbody products to be overpriced and don’t offer the same results.

You can read my Body BEAST review here. For those of you wondering, yes I have used the Body BEAST supplements for an entire round of BEAST back a couple years ago but now use the substitute supplements. What you choose to use is up to you.

All links to purchase the supplements are affiliate links where I get a small commission paid by Amazon. There is no price difference ordering from Amazon or Beachbody. I prefer Amazon third party services to ordering supplements than many of the other supplement suppliers given shipping time and price. 

The Supplements

Pre-workout Supplement

Body BEAST – E&E Energy and Endurance ($43.90)

Review: The pre-workout supplement is not required or necessary. E&E will give you a small boost in energy similar to drinking a cup of coffee. You might get that “wired” feeling for a little while to get you going for your workout. You could just drink some red bull or not use a pre-workout unless you really want to push your body hardcore. Taste wise its lemon lime (a bit bitter in my opinion).

To Be Alpha –  BSN N.O.-Xplode ($37.97)

Review: Honestly, this pre-workout might be too hardcore for some of you guys that are just beginning to lift. It is like red bull on steroids and really gives you that feeling that you need to get active and start using all this pent up energy. But if taken too late at night it could keep you up for hours also. My recommendation is if you do use this pre-workout to start with half a scoop and work your way out. See how much you really need to get a good solid work out in. 


Body BEAST – M.A.X. Creatine ($36.90)

Review: Creatine is creating in all honesty. You get more bang for your buck with other creatine products than a 30 day supply by Beachbody. It is tasteless and can be mixed in any liquid.

To Be Alpha – Optimum Nutrition Creatine ($15.39)

 Review: See review above on creatine. 


Body BEAST – Hardcore Base Shake ($59.94 – sold on Beachbody)


Review: This is Body BEAST’s protein supplement. It is used not only for the BEAST shakes but also for the BEAST pancakes if you make them in your meal. Somewhat tasteless but not as good as other vanilla wheys I’ve used with milk and with water.

To Be Alpha – Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard French Vanilla Whey ($25.49)

Review: Good quality whey protein that is popular amongst whey consumers. Taste good with milk and a little peanut butter. And can be used for all the BEAST shakes. The one I used back in the day to make most of my gains. 

I can recommend higher quality protein but I don’t think it’s really necessary. I would just purchase Gold Standard and use it for everything you need with BEAST.

Recovery Drink

Body BEAST – Fuel Shot ($56.90)

Review: This is recommended for you to drink after your work out to re-energize your body (after your protein shake). It has a bland tastes and you’ll need some juice to make it tastes better. I don’t think this product tastes good whatsoever. If you want a recovery drink from Beachbody, drink the Results and Recovery Formula – it has the same ingredients and tastes a lot better. 

Beachbody – Results and Recovery Formula ($56.90)

Review: Taste like delicious fruit juice but a bit pricey. Mixed with just water. If you’ve done any other Beachbody program you should be familiar with this supplement already.

To Be Alpha – Chocolate Milk (go to the grocery store)

Review: Here’s a secret – 2 cups of chocolate milk is the same as drinking either of the other two recovery drinks. And it’s a LOT cheaper. You can buy chocolate milk at your grocery store for a few bucks and so long as you’re not lactose intolerant you should be good to go. (Michael Phelps drank chocolate milk to recover from each of his swim events in the olympics).

Suma Root

Body BEAST – Super Suma ($36.90)

Review: I used this for a few rounds of Body BEAST just because it told me to. But then I stopped and I just continued with the other supplements and my diet and I got the results I wanted. If you are considering buying Super Suma then you should. Try it and see if you feel different with it. It comes in pill form and has a little bit of an after taste. Just take it in the morning or night or any time in between. It’s suppose to help with increasing your strength and muscle repair. You can consider it a “natural” steroid if you want. That’s how many people look at it (including the company that pushes this). 

To Be Alpha – None. No need. Save your money.

Review: I have no idea what suma root is really good for. Body BEAST tells you, you should take it to help repair muscles and increase strength but in all my years of lifting I’ve never seen a professional body builder push suma root as a key supplement to his success. I’d save my money and not buy this if I were you.

Cost Differential

  • If you purchase the Body BEAST recommended products, you’ll pay $234.54 per month (Body BEAST is a 11 week program)
  • If you purchase the supplements TBA recommends, you’ll pay ~$85 per month (a savings of over $150)

To Make it Easier for you

I have attached the links to all the TBA recommended supplements below

Please note that these are the supplements I used in a variety of rounds of Body BEAST and in my daily work out regime. My recommendations are for general guidance purposes and you must make your own decision on whether or not these supplements are right for you. Gains and results are based on a good diet, hard work, and genetics. I am not affiliated with Beachbody. 

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