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I’ve got some great news for a lot of you that missed out on The Book of Alpha when it was released in 2013.

We’re bringing back The Book of Alpha and our goal is to help as many guys as we can reclaim their life!

The Book of Alpha is one of the few products that we sell on To Be Alpha. It contains some of the most important life lessons learned throughout my life and provides a lot of step by step guidance on how to achieve the life you want.

It’s Written For The Common Beta

The Book of Alpha was written in a way that most men could relate to it. Before I began writing the book, I made it a goal to take a step back and write a book with the idea that the person reading it had no idea what being alpha is about. This means scaling it back to a level that no matter where your starting point is, you could gain knowledge from it.

Some people think some of the lessons of becoming alpha are common sense and “easy” to achieve. What they fail to realize is what they find easy was once also difficult for them.

Many people have good intentions. Most people want to help one another. But they lack the patience. And they lack the understanding of how to relate to the individual.

Real Advice From Real Experiences

What’s great about The Book of Alpha and this site is that everything comes from a lesson. Either the lesson and knowledge comes from my own personal experience or it comes from helping other people. That’s why when you read some of this stuff, you might hear yourself saying this makes total sense.

I know exactly how you feel. I was once like you. And I can tell you that everything that we tell you is possible, is completely possible. You just have to be willing to put in the work and be willing to be open-minded and willing to change.

The most difficult thing about being alpha is changing who you are. Whatever age you are. You have been that way for probably most of your adult life.

Your habits, your thoughts, your behaviors are who you are. You can’t change over night. But with time it is completely possible.

My Own Story

I’ve told my story thousands of times. I grew up in a small town in California. I was an overachiever that wanted to make my parents proud.

  • I got straight A’s
  • I played musical instruments
  • I studied a lot
  • I was a nice kid
  • I played nice
  • I was the best son a mother could have
  • I was embarrassed by other kids that acted obnoxious
  • I always wanted to play by the rules
  • I wanted to make my teachers proud
  • I wanted the validation of everyone
  • I needed to have the perfect haircut
  • I needed to be the perfect student
  • I was shy
  • Girls liked me but I had no idea what to do
  • I befriended other people to make me feel good about myself

I didn’t know it, but I was a beta male

Don’t get me wrong. I had a great childhood. I was proud of who I was. But I wasn’t doing everything I wanted to do.

Even when I was applying to college, I didn’t choose a major I wanted to study because it wasn’t what my parents wanted. And when fraternities wanted me to join, I felt guilty joining because other’s thought I was going to sell out.

And Then I Grew Some Balls

Luckily, I grew a pair of balls and got some good friends that helped me become independent. But it didn’t happen overnight.

My breakthrough probably happened on a whim. I owe a lot to a friend of mine that begged me to join a fraternity with him and apply to study abroad. He probably doesn’t know it, but because of him, I grew a pair of balls.

I ended up studying abroad in London. I thought moving away to college was a big step, but try moving to another country for a year not knowing anyone (my friend ended up not getting into the program). There I had to learn how to take care of myself and grow up really quickly.

Going to college you get a chance at reinventing yourself. Unfortunately, I didn’t do that. But I lucked out. Rarely do you get second chances but I got that opportunity. Moving to London and not knowing a single person, I was able to reinvent myself.

I started living my life.

But I didn’t do it alone. I met some really great people that were supportive and knew I was more passive than aggressive. They knew I was more self-conscious than I was confident. But they encouraged me. They pushed me. And they ultimately helped me.

I still studied but I also began to live…

  • I partied.
  • I drank.
  • I traveled.
  • Girls became more than just friends.
  • I hooked up with chicks.
  • I got into working out.
  • I stuck up for myself.
  • I became completely independent.
  • I stopped caring what other people thought about me.
  • I changed how I dressed.

It didn’t end in London. When I came back to the states, I changed my major to what I wanted to study. And then I joined a fraternity.

I Was On A Roll

I became one of the most respected guys in my fraternity. And what I thought was pure luck was due to two things: getting balls and not giving a fuck.

I was doing what I wanted to do. I started learning how to network. I started asking for help instead of being afraid of being rejected. Girls just started to fall into my lap.

By the time I graduated, I had offers all across the country for work and ended up on Wall Street at the most prestigious investment bank in the world…

What a Journey!

My life has been a roller coaster. I don’t want to tell you my life story here. I’ll save it for another time. What I will say is things continue to go well for me once I got to New York.

Why I’m Sharing This With You

The point of all telling you this story is threefold –

  1. I was in your shoes. I know exactly what most of you guys are experiencing. I understand the struggles you face everyday.
  2. I was able to make the journey to the other side – from beta to alpha
  3. I understand what it takes to take this journey. It’s not easy. I didn’t do it alone. And I don’t recommend you do it alone. That’s why you have To Be Alpha.

A lot of guys that read The Book of Alpha would contact me and say thank you. And the ones that read the book for more than entertainment emailed me later telling me how much better their life had become.

My Ultimate Goal Is To Give Back

Without the people that entered my life and either supported or encouraged me, I would not be who I am today. It is more than just the few individuals I mention in this post.

I am forever grateful for them. And the only way I can pay them back is to pay it forward and help others.

Speaking from personal experience, I know that it sucks to be disrespected and overlooked by everyone. And it sucks even more when you know how much potential you have but you still aren’t living the life you want to live.

The problem isn’t you. It’s just that you may not have the right guidance.

I don’t blame anyone for what my life was as a beta. The truth is I wouldn’t be here writing this to you today if I wasn’t a beta because I wouldn’t be able to relate to your struggles.

We only have a few needs in this world. And I want to help you achieve them.

  • The need to feel important.
  • The need to feel wanted and loved.
  • The need to continue to grow as an individual

You can expand these needs into larger groups if you want. All I know is that when these needs are not met, you feel like shit.

Now I’m not just talking about you love life because I know a lot of these self-help sites are really focused on getting laid and meeting women. I’m talking about the rest of your life.

  • You have the need to feel important in your career.
  • You have the need to be loved by your family, friends and others
  • You have the need to continue to learn

The Alpha Life

The life of an alpha male is about having what you want out of life. It’s about feeling good about yourself.

I’m not here to sell you on anything. I truly believe you can get all the advice you need for free. The Book of Alpha can definitely help but I didn’t have The Book of Alpha when I began my journey. And you don’t need it either.

What I will say is The Book of Alpha can help you. It will teach you write from wrong and give you exercises on how to reclaim your masculinity.

We all start from different starting points. I don’t know what your goal is in life. All I know is that I’m living the life I want to live. I have what I want. I’m doing what I’m doing. And I look forward to the future.

What You Should Take Away

The biggest takeaway you should get from a site like To Be Alpha is the advice. The Book of Alpha has a lot of good information. And its purpose is simple. To get you from Beta to Alpha in the least amount of time as possible.

You should learn from my mistakes so you don’t repeat them. This will speed up your own learning process because you don’t need to go through the trial and error I had to go through.

And most importantly, you should know that To Be Alpha is here for you. It’s not only me, but there are a lot of people that frequent this site that are either going through the same journey you are going through or have made it out alive and become alpha.

Embrace the journey. Embrace the help. And ultimately…

Be Alpha.

If you would like to learn more about The Book of Alpha, you can go to this information page.

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