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Here’s how you can jumpstart your life to alpha really fast.

It’s time to start acting like THE SHIT. It doesn’t matter where you are in your life, whether you’re super wealthy or struggling to get back. I don’t care if you are alpha or beta. If you are outspoken or shy. None of that matters anymore. I’m challenging you to Be The Shit.

Today we’re going to talk about your mentality that you should have all day everyday. It’s called Being The Shit or BTS for short.

What is Being The Shit?

Being the shit is an attitude and a state of mind. It’s the idea that you’re f*cking awesome. You walk with a little swagger (pep) in your step. You have that edge about you that is just so badass you don’t give a F. You talk with an attitude and you think you deserve everything. You’re a little cocky and arrogant but in a pleasant way. You believe people want to hang out with you because you have this killer personality and you’re a cool ass guy.

Who Can Be The Shit?

The great thing about being the shit is that anyone can be the shit, even you! It doesn’t matter if you’re alpha or beta. All you need is to figure out how to get in that zone.

What It Feels Like To Be The Shit

Being the shit is a unique feeling. You feel really positive and are so confident. You feel invincible and can pretty much do anything. It’s like you have balls of steel. Even if you get rejected or fail, you don’t care because you’re the shit. You just move on. You feel on top of the world. You think you’re the hottest and all the ladies find you attractive.

It’s just a state of mind where you feel really good about yourself. You’re motivated. You’re happy. You’re excited and optimistic. Life is good when you’re the shit!

How Do You Be The Shit?

There’s multiple ways to be the shit. Only you will know what will work for you. ┬áMaybe you don’t even need much to be the shit, you just are. But for the guys that need some help being the shit, here are my suggestions.

  • Watch something that motivates you
  • Read something that fires you up
  • Listen to music that gets you going
  • Lift weights so you always feel strong and in shape
  • Box or do some sort of fight training so you feel tough and confident
  • Fix your hair and put on some clothes that make you feel really good about how you look

Personally, it becomes easy to feel like the shit after awhile because you believe you really are the shit. But I still get an extra kick when I get to the gym and start lifting pretty hard or I put on some boxing gloves, make a fist and start throwing combinations at a punching bag.

Whatever it takes, you gotta get in that zone where you really think highly of yourself. Figure out what works for you and keep doing it.

When To Be The Shit

Anytime you want. Pretty much you should try to be the shit from the moment you wake up to the moment you go to sleep. But its not always natural to be the shit so for some it takes a little effort. If this is the case I suggest you Be the Shit when….

  • You have a job interview
  • You have a big meeting or are making a presentation
  • You’re hitting a night out on the town
  • You’re going to be surrounded by a bunch of other guys that want to be “alpha”
  • You are going into a situation that you’re unfamiliar with (show no fear!)

The Consequences of Being The Shit

There is only one real negative consequence of being the shit: people will hate you because you’re so badass.

Every other consequence is positive.

  • You’re more confident
  • You are ballsy because you just don’t care (you’re the shit remember?)
  • Girls find you more attractive
  • You have a sense of entitlement
  • You have more energy
  • You feel good about yourself
  • You take more chances than you normally would
  • Ultimately you succeed and get things in life you would never get if you weren’t the shit

What Are You Waiting For?

Unlike getting in shape or getting style, being the shit can happen right away. There is no time delay or needing to be patient. It’s a mentality. There are no barriers to entry to being the shit. All you need to do is be the shit. Use the recommended techniques above to get in the “Be The Shit” frame of mind and start living.

Thank me later. Be Alpha.

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