Take Control of Your Life

The career section is all about helping you do what you love. I’ve gotten very lucky that I’ve had a variety of experiences in the professional world.  I don’t like to throw out what I know but I feel it’s important for the career section. You should know that I know what I’m talking about and am not just another “career coach” with no real experience.

  • I have networked my way one of the top investment banks in the world.
  • I know multiple billionaires and millionaires.
  • I have done internships.
  • I have quit jobs.
  • I have interviewed people.
  • I have prepped and mentored others.
  • I’ve got a bachelor and master’s degree
  • I’ve gone the entrepreneurial route

I know what it takes to do what you love. And I will help you as much as possible by passing along the knowledge I have.

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