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Put Yourself on A Pedestal

Many of us have been there. We put someone or some people on a pedestal.  Whether it is a girl we are attracted to or dating, or people we work with that we think are better than us. When you put them on a pedestal, you give away your power. You lower your own value […] Read more

You can’t do it alone. That’s what I believe. Every person that has achieved greatness got some help along the way. So if you want to really step up your life, get some mentors. You can have mentors in all parts of your life. For Your Career For Your Hobbies (sports, chess, fitness, etc) For […] Read more

Just show up. If you don’t read anything else other than those first three words, just remember them. Just. Show. Up. There is no secret to getting better at anything. You improve by doing. And the only way to do something is to show up. If you don’t show up. You’re doing something else. You’re […] Read more

New Year, Better You – Alpha LIFE

As I wrap up my 2016, I can’t help but say “it was all worth it.” And as we come up on 2017, I hope by the end of next year, you will say the same. I wasn’t around on To Be Alpha much in 2016. I was busy working on my own things. Pushed […] Read more

I want to have a serious discussion today about living your life the right way. We’re not going to talk to about the usual alpha male body language or what is a beta male but what I want to talk about is really important. The Alpha Male Mindset There are plenty of misconceptions about what an alpha […] Read more

Don’t Be So Afraid

I was going to title this article “Why Am I So Afraid?” but I think that would generalize what I want to discuss right now. So instead, this is going to be article about not being so scared over the little things. Now, full disclosure, I don’t think I really buy into the idea that […] Read more

Confidence boosters are a great way to jumpstart improving yourself and your life. So I thought I’d list out some really simple ways for you to improve your life 1000% easily and really quickly. There are a bunch of things you can do, including trying to tell yourself to be more confident. But I don’t […] Read more

I used to care what everyone thought about me. And that prevented me from doing a lot of things. I’m not exaggerating when I say that. I cared about what my family thought I was doing with my life. So I focused on getting good grades and having a successful career. I was living my […] Read more

Why You’ll Never

Some of you guys will never be alpha. And it’s no one’s fault but your own. I’m going to share with you the reasons I believe some of you will never be alpha no matter how much you read, learn or do. You’ll always be beta. I don’t make this stuff up. I’ve met a […] Read more

Average is F*CKING Up Your LIFE

Stop being average. Be Alpha. Average people do average things. Let’s stop being average and start being Alpha. I don’t want you to be beta any longer. But I know some of you will be. Not because you want to be, but because you won’t do the things you need to do to be Alpha. […] Read more

Learn how to help yourself before you help others. That is going to be the ultimate lesson in today’s article. But just because you know the ultimate lesson does not mean you should skip this article. Do you remember an article about beta males being too nice? If you don’t – make sure you reread […] Read more

Everyone says just be confident. JUST BE CONFIDENT. Bullshit, just be confident. That’s like telling a baby to stop crying. It doesn’t work like that. I’ve gone through a lot in my life from beta to alpha. I’ve tried a lot of things. I am good at a lot of things. But I wasn’t always. […] Read more