Take Control of Your Life


You can’t do it alone. That’s what I believe. Every person that has achieved greatness got some help along the way. So if you want to really step up your life, get some mentors. You can have mentors in all parts of your life. For Your Career For Your Hobbies (sports, chess, fitness, etc) For […] Read more

As we continue to create the Alpha program behind the scenes, we’ve been discussing all aspects of Alpha. Not just when you’re out and about but we think being alpha in the workplace is super important. For many of you, you will have a career where you’ll work with others. My goal for you is […] Read more

I’ve worked with some really amazing people during my professional career on Wall Street (and even when I was in high school and college). But I’ve also worked with some really shitty people. Shitty in so many ways – from racists to sexist, from unintelligent to power tripping. I’ve seen it all. And because I’ve […] Read more

A New Year Does Not Mean Quit

Just a quick note to all of you that are thinking about doing something really drastic with your life as the new year approaches. A lot of you are unhappy with your job situation. I completely understand that. Since the credit crisis of 2008 and 2009, people have been demoted, fired, unemployed, and working at […] Read more

Interview Prep 101

As some of you know – I worked in finance as well as created a tech company (not To Be Alpha). The site focuses on career preparation and one of my initial clients was a Columbia University student (yes, the Ivy League school) that wanted to get a job at an investment bank. He got […] Read more

Manage Expectations or FAIL

For you guys working in the corporate world or even the ones with a part-time job – you need to know how to manage people’s expectations in order to succeed. If you are beta or shy, you might be afraid to say NO. But saying YES your whole life is no way to live. And […] Read more

Know When To SHUT UP

This post goes out to all the guys and girls out there that just don’t know when to shut up. Now, I can probably be nicer and say some of you guys don’t know when to just be quiet. Either way – there are many people in this world that are making themselves look bad […] Read more

Do you want create an impression that makes people say “Wow, who is this guy??” Do you want to create a long lasting impression that makes people think of you highly? If you answered yes, then I suggest you keep reading. People never really think about these simple things like making a really great first […] Read more

If you want to be extraordinary, you can’t think like the average person does. There are many things people say in this world that everyone just starts to believe because everyone else says them. They believe “well if everyone else is saying it, then it must be true.” This is some of the dumbest logic […] Read more

I’m all about accumulating wealth. And I want you to have money in the bank too. Honestly, I want you all to make good money so you don’t have to stress out about it. I know what it’s like to stress about money and it’s not fun. If you’ve read some of the alpha posts […] Read more

If you really want something in life there are a few things you can do. Some work better than others. Let’s break down the common ways people get what they want. You Can Pray Praying to a higher being sometimes work. People need to believe in something right? But this isn’t the golden rule to […] Read more

Stop being so damn nice. Do you consider yourself a nice guy? Are you a people pleaser? Someone that has a hard time saying no? If so, you might be a super beta male. There is a fine line between being nice and being too nice. Don’t get taken advantage of by being too nice. No […] Read more

Today we are talking about jobs and what to do when you hate your Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Yes! I said Saturday AND Sunday. Are you at the point where every day is miserable because of your job? You dread going to work every morning and on your days off you […] Read more