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I wrote a popular post awhile back on how to be cool in college. (yes it's that simple). In that post, I also included some myths about being cool in college. But really quickly, for the kids in college, I want to give you the myths about college in general. Everyone that decides to go to […] Read More

As part of the college series - this post is in the works. Come back in a day or so and read all about what you need to do to prepare mentally and physically to join a Fraternity. *I am a part of the largest national fraternity in the country. (Pi Kappa Alpha) After I […] Read More

These helpful hints are for EVERYONE. Our original article on "How To Be Cool In College" has received a lot of attention and because of that, I want to give you five simple tips on ways to be cool in college. Very simply, being cool in college will probably make or break your college life. […] Read More