Take Control of Your Life

Social Skills

We’ve been compiling some of our best conversation starters for a cheat sheet we plan to offer (coming in the near future). But in the meantime, I want to help you guys out. Conversation starters are not pick up lines. Don’t get it twisted. We do not believe in pick-up lines. They are stupid and […] Read more

How to NOT be CREEPY

Being creepy will be the death of any potential relationships. Thinking back to my younger days and even when I was an uneducated fool, I was a creepster. But not in a super bad way. Just a creepy way. How does that even work?? But don’t worry, I got all the creepiness covered because I […] Read more

I’m currently working on a post about having ¬†conversations and examples of good¬†conversations. But until that is done, I thought I’d give some examples of terrible conversations that will get you nowhere in life. Communication is a key to success in this world and if you want to be alpha you gotta know how to […] Read more