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College Alpha Must Haves

College isn’t for everyone. But for you guys that are in college or going to college, there are some must have you should always have. I don’t want to break it up into years so this is a general list of what you should have throughout your college career.

Helpful Advice

You have to remember college is expensive and you’re just a student. You don’t need to have the best of the best or try to buy things to impress. Almost every student is on a budget. Just get what you need and do what you can with what you have. This is not a fashion show or a competition to spend the most money possible.

Mandatory Must Haves



Even though you might have a laptop you should still have a notebook. Why? Because notebooks are a classic and you can use them to write notes to the cute girl sitting next to you!



I’m putting a backpack down because some of you guys have or are thinking about getting a messenger / book bag. Messenger bags aren’t cool bro. Not in college at least. They make you look too old and not really cool. Get a backpack!

The type of backpack matters too. I like Brooklyn Industry or Jansport backpacks but it’s up to you what you want to get. Don’t get something super decked out and colorful though (if you asked me if you should, the answer would be no!).



Don’t leave home without it! You never know when you’ll need a piece – after lunch, after coffee, maybe before you talk to a girl. Also, you never know when a girl might ask “do you have a piece of gum?”



Don’t be too cool for school. Everyone has a smartphone now and everyone is using apps to talk to each other. Make sure you’re also up to date so you know what’s going on in college and with your peers. Also you can use this to take photos to capture the memories.



Okay so this isn’t really a mandatory must have but playing the guitar is pretty cool and girls usually find it really attractive. It’s something to do other than studying, partying and wasting time online. Just don’t go around carrying it with you wherever you go.

Good Pair of Jeans


Jeans should be a staple for everyone’s closet. You don’t need a lot jeans, one pair will actually do so buy a good pair. You’ll be wearing your jeans on campus, to parties, out and about…the options are endless so look good in your jeans. Most of you guys probably have multiple pairs of jeans. I’m recommending you just get one nice pair which essentially adds up to a bunch of crappy pairs of jeans.

Note: You should probably buy selvedge demin, it’s what’s “in” style.

One good pair of jeans is better than a bunch of crappy pairs.

Gym Membership

gym membership

If you’re a student there’s a good chance you have access to your university’s gym. If you do, are you using it? Well you should. Partying is cool but so is having muscle, especially in college. I know you guys are wearing tank tops in the spring and summer and some of you guys don’t have the arms for it. So hit the gym. Thank me later.

Vault Guides for Interviews

vault guide

Eventually you’re going to have to get a job. And when that time comes (I’m talking to you junior and seniors or 3rd, 4th, and 5th years) you’re going to have to start prepping for interviews. What better way to do it than using Glassdoor and the Vault Guides. These two sources cover a lot of what you’ll need.

Basketball/baseball cap

new era cap

Get a New Era or Mitchell & Ness hat. Why? Because there’s going to be times when you’re taking a nap or passed out and need to get up for some reason or another. The last thing you want in this scenario is to look like a fool with bed hair so wear a cap. And yes your hat matters.

Get something in style not just a cheap hat. Style / fashion matter.

Well-made suit

slim suit

Maybe you younger guys don’t need a suit, at least not right away. But for the guys involved in school activities (fraternities, clubs) or interviewing (full time jobs or internships) you’re going to have to dress up for stuff. You have two options with suits. You can get a really cheap one that doesn’t fit well and look like a complete dork or you can get a well-tailored suit so you look money and people think you are money. No matter what, you’ll eventually need a suit.

A good suit will get you further in life than an ugly one.

A Good Story


I bet you didn’t expect this one. And neither did I, but as I thought about it, everyone needs a story. Think of this like an elevator speech. When you meet someone or talk to someone for the first time you’re going to have to talk about yourself. What are you going to say?

Throughout your college years you’ll meet new people that will ask you “Where are you from”, “What do you do for fun”, “What are you studying”, “What do you want to do after you graduate” and yada yada yada.

You can just give a straight answer or you can share your passion and interests and make your answer worth listening to. Prepare for these questions so you can captivate people and make people wonder “who is this guy?”.

Optional Must Haves



I don’t know many students that don’t have laptops nowadays but I also understand I don’t know every college student and their budget. Schools have computer labs and libraries have computers for you to use. But if you can afford to get a laptop you should get one. So much is done on a computer nowadays.

Things have changed since I went to school. When I started, laptops were how you communicated with others through online chat. Cell phones were relatively new, texting was not normal and there were no smartphones. Times have changed…



(disclaimer: I don’t have a tablet) I still read hard cover books. I had an iPad but I returned it because I wasn’t really using it. But for you college guys, maybe it’s worth getting one. I don’t know what you would use it for. To read your text books maybe? I always liked highlighting my books. So I don’t know. Up to you on this one.



Protect yourself if you’re going to have sex. Be smart. Enough said.

There you have it. College Must Haves.

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