Take Control of Your Life

Get rid of people in your life that hold you back.

I sat here for a good hour or two wondering how I would start this article. I wanted to be nice. But I need to get my point across. This is a wake up call for some of you guys. Some of you guys are friends with people that are holding you back in life. And that’s not good.

We are a product of our environment, and our environment includes people we associate with. Look around you. People in their social circles act and dress alike. People that hang out together often think and talk the same way. That’s why they enjoy each other’s company. Even at work. Everyone agrees with everyone. Rarely does anyone go against the grain.

Having the wrong people in your life¬†can be detrimental to your career, your confidence, your social life…everything.

Let’s break it down by the different types of betas that we are surrounded by.

The Negative Beta

Some people are just negative. They complain about everything. Nothing is good enough. Everything sucks.

If you have good news or something good happens to you and you share this information with a negative beta male, he rains on your parade. He’s not happy for you. He tries to find a way to bring you down or say something rude.

Maybe you want to change and improve your life. The negative beta male will try to come up with a bunch of reasons why you shouldn’t even try. Negative betas aren’t evil. They just think differently and are a negative voice in your ear. Their negativity may start rubbing off on you if you’re not careful.

The Scared Beta

Scared beta males can be really detrimental to your growth as an individual. They’ll always try to hold you back because they unconsciously hold themselves back. The scared beta male doesn’t want to rock the boat and if you want to do something out of the norm he’ll freak out.

Scared betas can come from anywhere – your work, your social circle, your college, your family, random strangers…

Be careful of associating with scared betas because they will hold you back from doing what you want to do out of fear of consequences. They will rub off on you and make you start thinking like a scared beta too.

The Unsupportive Beta

The unsupportive beta is the one that doesn’t want to see you change or improve your life. He likes you for who you are. And when you change he starts to think you’re leaving him behind. He’d rather you stay who you are today so you two can be miserable together.

This beta male gets jealous if you start to get things in your life because you put yourself out there. He’ll criticize and question your decisions. He’ll make you feel bad for wanting to be different. He will try to sabatoge your growth.

Stay away from anyone that is unsupportive, especially if you are trying to improve your life. They will try to beat you down and make you stay who you are for their own selfish reasons.

The Shit Talking Beta

Some beta’s just like to talk about people, processes and plans because it makes them feel ¬†better about themselves. They talk all this shit to you because they want you to agree with them. In turn you either start to talk shit too or change how you think about people, processes, and plans.

The shit talking beta male is a loser. He’s inferior to other people and tries to feel superior by bringing other people down. This type of person can never help you out in life. Stay away.

Stay Away. Stay Far Away

Beta males will suck the lifeblood out of you. Especially when you are trying to become better in life. They will just hold you back. Don’t take what I’m saying as you need to surround yourself with alpha males but you need to surround yourself with good people.

You want to be around people that will support you, people that will be there for you through good times and bad times, guys and girls that want to help you.

You have enough going on in your life. You don’t need a negative loser or shit talker in your ear complaining about this and that. Don’t let these beta losers ruin your day or the rest of your life.

I’ve seen it too many times where someone really wants to become a dynamic individual but they can’t. They can’t because they hold on to their past. They hold on to the people that helped them become the super beta male that they are.

The Choice Is Yours

I know how hard it is to eliminate the betas from your life. I’ve had to do it multiple times. This included betas that were good friends that I went to college with, other’s I did business with, and some that I worked with. But there comes a point in everyone’s life that you have to decide whether or not you should continue to associate with betas or if it’s time to move on from them.

Personally, when I steered clear of the betas that were in my life, I was finally able to be free. Free to do what I want. Free to think how I wanted to think. Free to live my life.

People come in and out of your life for a reason. Some people hang out longer than others. Betas are like the annoying one that overstays their welcome. You don’t have to be rude or hurtful when you eliminate the betas in your life. Just let them be. Move on and be around people that can help you in life.

I want you to have the best opportunity to be successful, be alpha, be awesome. Whatever it is you want to be. Surround yourself with the right people so you give yourself the best shot to get there.

Do yourself a favor and evaluate the people in your life. If there is someone holding you back, then consider distancing yourself from them.

Be Alpha.

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