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Fashion DON’Ts

The title says it all. And unfortunately, there are a lot of guys (maybe even you), that are clueless on how to dress.

I don’t say this as a joke. Some of you really don’t know how the hell to dress yourself.

I see it every day in New York City. Guys think clothes are nothing more than clothes. But this is completely wrong. Clothes make the man.

Let me say that again – Clothes Make The Man

Never in my life did I realize this more than when I lived in New York City and met a grown ass man that dressed like he was a blind four-eyed idiot (nothing against the visually impaired). I’m just saying, some of you guys look like you dress yourself in the dark.

You get stereotyped by what you wear. Do you want to be categorized as a beta male idiot or a sexy alpha male? The choice is yours.

So without further adieu, fashion dont’s.

Example of a Fashionless BETA MALE

The beta male in the photo below is the epitome of super beta male. Everything about him screams LOSER, SUPER VIRGIN, and STAYS HOME EVERY WEEKEND. And yet he has a big smile on his face because he doesn’t know any better. He thinks everything is fine. He will think this way until he is 45 and still a loser. Do not let this be you.


His whole outfit is a confusing piece of shit.

  • CARGO SHORTS WITH A JACKET. WHAT? Is he hot or is he cold? All we know is he is beta.
  • Ugly cheap polo (collared) shirt
  • What you can’t see because I blocked out his face is his ugly ass glasses.

Sad. I feel sorry for this guy.

Things You Should Never Wear

Cargo Pants or Cargo Shorts (especially cheap ones)


Things You Should Never WearAbercrombie & Fitch made this cool. But FYI, Abercrombie & Fitch isn’t even fashionable any more. (I’ll update this if they ever make a turnaround).

You can still wear cargo shorts if you find some that actually look good. But most of these shorts are too long, the cargo pockets are weak and you just look like this beta male.

  • If you’re not working in construction then burn your fucking cargo pants.
  • Try khaki shorts or if you live in the South (I’ve been spending time down there) jean shorts are back in style.

Dirty Tennis Shoes

dirty gym shoes

The only time you should be wearing dirty tennis shoes is when you’re doing yard work or taking out the garbage. Or when there is bad weather and you don’t have rain or snow boots.

  • Dirty tennis shoes are not every day shoes. Dirty tennis shoes shouldn’t even be used at the gym.
  • Everyday is a fashion show – never forget that.

Pants That Are Too Large + A Belt


If your pants are too big around the waist, it’s time to buy some new pants. Belts should not be used to HOLD your pants up. Your belt is an accessory not a tool.

The problem with having a pair of pants that is too big and using a belt is you end up bunching up your pants so it looks like your crotch is all messed up. Don’t dress like a beta.

Clothes That Don’t Fit

shirt too large

Clothes make the man. If your clothes don’t fit you look like a walking joke.

  • You look smaller if your shirt and pants are too big
  • You look poor if your clothes are too small
  • You naturally look beta and people think you just don’t know how to dress

Please get clothes that fit!

Free T-Shirts


You’re a walking tv commercial ad if you wear these free t-shirts. Anyone that knows anything about style knows you got it for free and would never be caught dead in one.

I’m talking t-shirts with sponsors and company names you get for free.

  • Why are you wearing these?
  • Do you think they are cool?
  • Is it because it’s free?
  • Do you know have anything to wear?


White Socks With Black Dress Shoes


Some of you guys wear white socks and black shoes because you can’t afford dress socks. But this isn’t a good excuse but it’s ok. Save up and buy some dress socks.

For the rest of you guys, you are all idiots. This is not cool. And everyone will see it and no one is mean enough to say anything. If you are wearing white socks with dress shoes, stop – because everyone is making fun of you.

Wearing Clothes That Were In Style Two Years Ago


Don’t wear clothes that are out of style. Stay up with the trends. Know what looks good and what doesn’t.

Find out what is attractive and stylish. Look at magazines for some guidance. Figure out who are the current sex symbols and dress like them.

Tight Shirts If You’re Fat


Wear shirts that actually fit. I’m talking it should be a little loose so you can move around but not so tight that it hugs your body (maybe if you’re at athlete but still questionable).

Tight shirts are bad because –

  • They hug your body (if you’re fat, not good)
  • You can’t really move around in them
  • They male you look less masculine most of the time (like you’re wearing children’s clothes)

Cheap Jeans


Saving money just isn’t worth it sometimes, especially with jeans. I see it all the time, people buy these ugly rip off fake designer jeans that look like a joke (to everyone but the person wearing them).

Be smart. Don’t try to save $10 bucks by buying cheap ugly jeans. Not all jeans are the same.

Ugly Ass Dress Shoes


Dress shoes are important. People notice your shoes, because people always look down. The shoes above are very popular among beta males. They think shoes that have this big flat toe front looks good. IT DOES NOT.

Do not buy ugly dress shoes like these. Copy what well dressed models wear. Don’t try to figure out what type of dress shoes to buy own your own – not until you know more.

Out of Style Glasses


If this is your photo and you want me to take it down – just let me know (I have no idea if this is real or not).

The point is, glasses go out of style too. If you haven’t changed your glasses over the years, you should. Check out Warby Parker for cheap eye glass frames.

Don’t look like a dork with our of style glasses. It will be detrimental to your look.


Don’t dress like shit! If you need help! Get it!

We are going to put together a guide on how to dress better (socially, professionally, casually…suits, business casual, casual, night). Stay tuned.

Be Alpha.

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