Take Control of Your Life

A little excerpt that I recently saw. You can substitute “Professional athletes” for pretty much any type of person that people look up to. The saying is for almost everything in life. Once you read it, you will realize why so many people in this world are average.

Professional athletes are our culture’s holy men:

They give themselves over to a pursuit, endure great privation and pain to actualize themselves at it,

and enjoy a relationship to ‘excellence’ and ‘perfection’ that we admire and reward and like to watch,

even though we have no inclination to walk that road ourselves.

In other words, they do it for us, sacrifice themselves for our redemption.)

– David Wallace Foster

We should all have role models and heroes…people to look up to and aspire to be. But don’t let yourself fall into the group that believes you don’t have the talent to achieve greatness.

We don’t tell people to strive for perfection because you don’t need to be perfect to be great. But you need to be better than average. And the way to do that is by making sacrifices, staying focused, and persevering.

Do you want to be the man people look at in awe. Or do you want to be on the outside wishing that person you’re in awe of was you? Once you make your decision that is who you will become.

Be Alpha. 


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