Take Control of Your Life

Every new year people think January 1 is like a reset button. A chance to start over and make some positive changes in their life.

Most of us decide to make a list of New Year’s Resolutions that we want to accomplish. For a lot of us, the first two weeks are great – you’re encouraged and motivated, you want to make changes to your life. But then it slowly goes back to the way things were last year.

And the cycle repeats, year in and year out. There’s always next year, until there are no more years.¬†

To Be Alpha has reached thousands of men and women from across the world the past few years and we’ve changed a lot of lives. Along the way we’ve learned things from the people that we’ve helped. And one of the most important things is that routines are really important.


No one ever second guesses eating, brushing their teeth, taking a shower, fixing their hair, washing their clothes and a bunch of other “daily habits”…they just happen.

When you’re young, there’s usually a lot of discipline in your life because people are telling you what you have to do and you’re not allowed to do “fun” things until you…finish your homework or finish your dinner.

But as you get older, you have more freedom.

What Happened to Routines?

Routines go out the door for a lot of people as they get older. To many, having spare times means relaxing and just doing nothing. Free time means no obligations, no self improvement. But is this good or bad?

I’m all for relaxing and having time for yourself, but it shouldn’t be at the sacrifice of trying to become a better person.

Resolutions Are For Suckers

Don’t make resolutions. Resolutions are a decision to do something or not do something. It’s really a weak pledge. If you’ve been making resolutions for the past few years and accomplished very few of them, it’s time to do something different.

Don’t keep doing things that don’t work. Instead, make new routines.

Make New Routines

Begin the year by making new routines of MUSTS.

This means you do things because you have to and you don’t go to bed or do something else until you do them. When you start to think about things this way, you will get things done and accomplish a lot more.

Think about it for a moment. If you don’t do your work, you don’t get paid, you don’t eat. So what do you do? You’ll probably do your work. Same goes with all the other things in your life if you take this approach.

Be Accountable

There’s no better way to hold yourself accountable than to make some sort of pledge to yourself and letting others know about your pledge.

Failure isn’t flattering. Neither is giving up. So tell other people about your plans. Post a pic on Instagram. Put a reminder somewhere that you see each day. And most importantly know that you’re doing this for you.

The Truth

You’re not going to live forever. Sure, the new year gives you hope. But as each year passes, you have one less. Stop wasting your time wishing and hoping and start doing.

Start with a new routine. Build up from there.

Happy New Year. And Be Alpha.

What are you looking to accomplish in 2015? What new routines will you put in place?

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