Take Control of Your Life

You can’t do it alone. That’s what I believe.

Every person that has achieved greatness got some help along the way. So if you want to really step up your life, get some mentors.

You can have mentors in all parts of your life.

  • For Your Career
  • For Your Hobbies (sports, chess, fitness, etc)
  • For Life

I’ve had mentors for all parts of my life.

I’ve had a variety of mentors throughout my career. Some good, some bad. The ones that were the best not only gave me advice when I was young and fresh but helped guide me as I made career moves and opened up their network to introduce me to other people when I needed help.

Mentors helped me:

  1. Get a job at Goldman Sachs as an Investment Banker
  2. Decide whether I should get my MBA or keep making money
  3. Helped me learn about trading corporate debt (bonds)
  4. Helped me become more competitive and realize you have to fail to get better
  5. Get focused and make sacrifices (I spent less time watching golf as a kid and more time playing/competing)
  6. Pushed me out of my comfort zone to take risks (quitting my high finance job to pursue being an entrepreneur)

I’ve become a fan of people like Steve Jobs, Kai Greene and James Altucher. All people I consider successful, highly motivated and very smart at what they do. I don’t know any of them personally, but they shared so much through the years that there are a lot of resources available for me to learn about them and their paths. I considered these guys informal mentors. You don’t need to know your mentors for them to be mentors.

I’ve had mentors that were super successful multi-millionaires and I’ve had mentors that were just highly specialized and skilled at boxing, jujitsu, and golf.

Imagine what having the right mentor can do for you…

What Can Mentors Do For You

Mentors can do a lot or do very little. It depends on the mentor. But for the most part, mentors guide you and help you.

A Good Mentor Should:

  • Give you advice
  • Share their own experiences
  • Help you so you don’t make the same mistakes as them
  • Motivate you, push you, see that you succeed
  • Lend a hand when you need one
  • Help you come to the right decision(s)

What You Should Look For In a Mentor

Mentor’s don’t necessarily need to be your friend. They don’t even need to be in your life. You can have mentors that you look up to or read about.

But you want mentors with a track record.

To find the right mentor you want to find someone that has:

  • Your respect
  • Experience / Track record
  • Success
  • Failures
  • The ability to help or someone WILLING to help (empathetic, compassionate, good listener, good teacher)
  • Someone that shares their experiences (in person, in books, in audio, video..)

No matter who you want as a mentor or who you find…one of the most important characteristics of a good mentor is someone you can relate to.

If they don’t speak your language or you don’t resonate with what they’re saying then they can be the greatest person alive but a terrible mentor to you.

Make sure you find mentors that understand your goals and needs and help you achieve them. That is key. 

Where To Look For Mentors

Mentors can come from all walks of life.

They can be friends, family members, associates, random people…the list goes on and on. But what I’ll do is share with you where I found my mentors as a quick guide to open your eyes to the idea that mentors can be found everywhere.

Family members: perhaps your brother or your father? A successful Uncle? These have been mentors of mine.

Fraternity Brothers: Yes. It can happen. I reached out to Fraternity members at different colleges that had prestigious jobs on Wall Street. They took me under their wing and guided an fresh college grad and led me into high stakes finance jobs.

Instructors: College professors. Golf Coaches. Boxing instructors. World Champion Black belts. All of these people bring something different to the table. They help with goal setting, learning how to learn, and having the right mindset to accomplish different things.

Executives at Firms I worked at: I had no fear when I realized that most people want to help people. I asked a bunch of people for help and if they wanted to get coffee. I had Partners at some of the largest investment banks in the world giving me advice. What I liked about them was they had “made it”…at least financially. Making millions of dollars a year and running large teams. I wanted to be just like them, so why not learn how they got to where they got to?

YouTube Celebrities & Authors & Entrepreneurs: It has never been easier to access people you think can be a great resource or informal mentor than ever before. As I listed above, I looked up to Steve Jobs and a bunch of other people. That also included Gary Vaynerchuk, who was a nobody that grew his Dad’s wine business into a $60 million dollar business and was one of the first investors in Twitter, Snapchat and a bunch of other tech companies. A lot of these people put out content all the time that you can learn from and find motivation from. Seek them out if you don’t have any one that you can personally ask to mentor you.

From the above, you can just see a glimpse of the type of people I have had as mentors. And there are plenty more. The take away here is that you can have mentors of all shapes and sizes. Near and far. And you can have multiple mentors. No one ever said you can only have one.

So go find the right people to help you out.

The Ultimate Goal

The goal is not to use mentors. The goal is to get better. And you get better, quicker with good mentors.

  • Don’t reinvent the wheel or struggle on your own. Find people that can guide you and help you.
  • You aren’t looking for a hand out, but a hand up.
  • Find people that you respect and look up to and pick their brain. Ask for help. Befriend them. Share your goals. Let them help you.
  • Life is better with good people in your life.

Do you have a mentor or mentors? What do they help you with? What are your goals.

Always remember, we’re here to help.

Be Bold. Be Alpha.

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