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How to NOT be CREEPY

Being creepy will be the death of any potential relationships. Thinking back to my younger days and even when I was an uneducated fool, I was a creepster. But not in a super bad way. Just a creepy way. How does that even work??

But don’t worry, I got all the creepiness covered because I had a buddy that was the biggest creepster in the bad way. Hence why we aren’t friends any more. But I can pass along these lessons to you so you aren’t creepy.

There is NO turning back from creepville. So don’t go there!

One of the greatest things about a site like To Be Alpha (in my humble opinion) is that we provide somany life lessons so you don’t have to make the same mistakes we have made. We go through the process of learning for you, so  you don’t have to spend your days figuring things out on your own.

Being creepy is not something you should be proud of. There’s a fine line that you should not cross with creepiness. I don’t want you to become THAT guy that gets a reputation of being a creep because it will negatively impact your life.

Creep creep creepy!

People usually associate being creepy with relationships (male/female dynamics). But creepiness can strike in all situations. You can be creepy with people you know, people you don’t know, when you’re in the office, when you’re at the club, even when you’re in your apartment. Creepiness has no limits. It can happen online and in person.

What is Creepy?

The best way to tell how to not be creepy is by telling you the ways you can be creepy. By educating you on being a creep you can understand what it’s like to be a creep.

Ways to be creepy!

  • Getting too physical when the attraction between two people isn’t there is creepy
  • Staring at someone like you are undressing them from afar for long periods of time (and never exchanging words)
  • Trying to make eye contact with someone that obviously does not want anything to do with you
  • Reaching out to try to grab someone that doesn’t want to be touched
  • Slapping someone’s ass at a club
  • Grabbing private parts when you shouldn’t be grabbing them
  • Calling and texting someone non-stop that doesn’t respond to any of your calls or texts
  • Getting super attached to someone that you barely know
  • Overreacting when someone doesn’t respond to you right away (sometimes people are busy!)
  • Saying inappropriate things to people that don’t want to hear these things
  • Continuing to follow-up with someone that has told you to stop contacting them
  • Sitting too close to people when you don’t know them
  • Making advances on people that don’t show you signs that they like you like that
  • Being super negative like you want to harm people (including yourself) or hate life (super creepy. LIFE IS NOT THAT BAD!)
  • There’s probably more but I can’t think of anything else that is super creepy right now. When I do, I’ll update the list.

Who Can Be Creepy?

The sad truth is everyone can be creepy. You can be creepy. I can be creepy. The nice teacher that is everyone’s favorite can be creepy. Girls can be creepy. Random strangers can be creepy. It doesn’t matter what age you are, what nationality you are, or where you’re from. EVERYONE can be creepy.

The good thing is that not everyone is creepy. But I need to tell you that everyone has the opportunity to be creepy. No one is off limits. It’s really sad.

The goal here is to make sure you don’t get to that level.

What Happens When You Enter Creepville

Once you enter creepville you can probably never leave. But before we get into all that stuff, I want to tell you a story about a creeper.

I had a friend that was really aggressive with women back in the day. He used to hit on everyone, all day, everyday – which was weird within itself but that’s another discussion.

The thing about this guy was he had no limits. He would touch girls that didn’t want to be touched and he had no awareness of how far he could go. He creeped girls out like crazy. And sure there were a few that were okay with it but was it really worth it? I highly doubt it.

Sure he got laid a few times and met a few girls that went on dates with him. But the consequences of being a creep far outweigh what he got out of it. Being banned from grocery stores. Arrested at malls. Questioned by the police about sexual harassment. What a creep.

Some people that read this think “Wow that’s awesoem man!! I wish I had balls like this guy!” But don’t be an idiot. There is nothing good about being a creep. You can have balls and get a bunch of dates and girls without being creepy. Anyone that knows anything would cringe at what this guy used to try to do.

In no circumstance is being creepy cool. It is never helpful. There are only negative consequences of being a creep.

  • Your reputation is negatively impacted.
  • People talk bad about you.
  • You can get arrested.
  • People will ignore you and stop associating with you.

I know the above example was focused on being aggressive with women, but you can creep people out in so many ways – if you’ve already forgotten how, scroll up and reread the list.  Just don’t be creepy because there is nothing you can do to ever repair a creepy reputation other than find new people that you don’t know and act differently to them so they never know you were a creep. 

How Do You Get Out of Creepville?

I guess I just answered the question above. The truth is, it is very hard to get out of creepyville (or was it creepville)? It’s similar to what I call the dreaded “friend zone” with girls you like that onlylike you as friends. It’s very hard to reverse the way people feel about you when you become a creep in their eyes.

Your only real way out of creepville is to start a new life. Unfortunately, if you’re a super creep like you get arrested for some crazy creeper shit then you’re proabably fucked for life. If that’s the case good luck to you.

When’s A Good Time To Be a Creep?

Never. There are ways to go about things and not be creepy. Sometimes you just have to read and understand the signs so you don’t go too far.

So How Do I Not Be Creepy?

Hopefully you realized what you shouldn’t do from the above. But honestly, you just need to be smart. Know your limitations and understand what makes people uncomfortable and annoyed.

Eventually I’ll link this site up to an article about reading the signs – social signals you can get from people to know if you should continue to do what you are doing or not.

For now all I can say is don’t do any of the things listed above or you might fail as an alpha male.


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