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How To Take The PERFECT Picture

Taking pictures (selfies, photos) are all the rave right now – so it’s important that you know HOW TO TAKE THE PERFECT PHOTO.

  • How many of you guys have instagram?
  • How many of you guys are using Tinder?
  • How many of you guys are doing the online dating thing?
  • Maybe you’re still posting pics on facebook.
  • Or just taking pictures with others when you’re out.

A photo isn’t just a photo.

A photo shows you off to the world. There are so many places to post your photo now, don’t you want to always look good? I’m talking, Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram….everything!

How many times have you taking a picture and looked at it on your phone or camera and said what the fuck?

Well it’s time to stop taking bad photos. Why? Because it ruins your pictures. You get self-conscious. Girls don’t think you look as good when you take a bad pic. And let’s be honest, you’re not happy with ugly photos of yourself.

Let’s Take a Look at Some Photos


This chick is pretty hot. She’s got a little seductive look. In good shape. Dressed well. A lot of guys would take a second look at her and the alpha males with balls might even hit on her. 

BUT THEN….We see this.

example 3

The same girl on the right wearing glasses with a cheesy smile. No longer looking so hot but just average. She looks nothing like the image above. Why??

Now A Beta Male 

beta picture


Look at this beta male. All dressed up in his suit with his tie and collared shirt. LOOKING GOOD BETA.

Unfortunately, he needs to work on his selfies. His face looks fat and round and he let’s the world know his forehead is getting larger as he continues to lose his hair. Tsk tsk.

And then Check This Out…

beta pose

The same beta male – AFRAID TO PUT HIS ARM AROUND THE GIRL. (eewww cooties!!) And he lean’s in so uncomfortably.

  • Another bad photo that shows how fat and out of shape this beta is.

Why does this guy sabotage his own photos??

The Answer To All Your Photo Questions

So why did the girl look hot in photo #1 but not in photo #2?

Why did the beta male look like a fat faced loser with a suit in his photo and in his other photo he looked like he was afraid of girls and wanted to eat more french fries?

Two Things

Angles and Your Pose


The angle of your camera and your face matters. It can be the difference from looking GREAT and looking terrible

Helpful Hints

  • Don’t stare straight at the camera.
  • Everyone has a better side. Turn a little to that side when looking at the camera.
  • Angle the camera down at you (so it’s a little bit higher than you)
  • Do not take camera shots with the camera pointed upward at you – this is going to make an unflattering photo (fat face)

The Secret To Taking Photos

No one wants to tell you this because everyone wants to pretend they are perfect but the real secret to taking the perfect photo is taking it over and over again until it’s perfect.

Remember when your mom used to annoy you and say “take one more, take one more!” It’s not because she wants more photos of you. It’s not because she wants you to hate her. It’s because she wanted the perfect photo.

All the selfies you see of hot chicks – its rarely the first take.

Don’t sabotage your own photos by thinking you can’t take multiple photos. Do it! Take multiple photos and choose the best and use that.


Don’t wait until you take the photo to figure things out. Honestly, you should always be on your “photo game”. This means you need to work on it.

  • Take some time to just take a few photos.
  • Figure out what angle you look best at
  • Practice your smile
  • Practice what pose you’re going to uses (so you don’t look like the beta above)

Always be on your “photo game!”

Let me know if you need more help. Be Alpha.

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