Take Control of Your Life

It All Starts With One Step

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” – Chinese philosopher Laozi

Becoming an alpha male is not always going to be easy. You can read everyone on the To Be Alpha website and gain more knowledge, but it won’t make you an alpha male. The only way you can become alpha is by doing.

Doing = Taking Action

You need to do something, anything, in order to begin your journey to alpha. No one is asking you to change your life completely overnight. I understand that, that may be too difficult to do right away. But you need to go from thinking to taking actionable steps to becoming.

All day long we can daydream about a better life. But don’t you get sick of that? When you’re done daydreaming, you’re still the same beta male you were before. Instead, why don’t you try just putting your head down, and putting in the work to become an alpha male?

Thinking Is A Waste of Time

We waste a lot of time. That’s no joke. Think about what you did today. How did you spend your day? How could you have spent your day?

Thinking isn’t a complete waste of time. Neither is daydreaming. It gives you something to focus on. The problem is if you don’t do anything, you’re wasting all your time. You only have a limited amount of time on this earth, start doing what makes you happy.

You know, I can think of plenty of time I’ve wasted this past week or even today. I wanted to write this post earlier in the day but never got around to it. Instead I just kept thinking how I would lay it all out instead of starting. But now that I’m writing this, its just flowing.

The Search for Perfection

If you’re searching for all the answers before you start, STOP now. There is no such thing as perfect.

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