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It’s almost time…

We’ve got some crazy email sign-ups for The Essentials to Being Alpha – the FREE ebook being sent out.

Now I know, some of you guys are asking, “where the hell is my book??” Well, we had to pull it from being sent out. What started out as a 4 simple step way to become alpha has turned into an 19 Ways to be alpha.


Because I felt like I was holding back some really good information from everyone that needed help.

Yes the 4 simple steps could get you to alpha. And some of you have emailed me telling me it has helped you out. BUT I want to make sure we can really help everyone. So we expanded it to 18 steps. So we go into more details and give you more ideas on how to be alpha.

Don’t think this is some mainstream advice because it’s not.

I’m here to share with you what really works. If I really believed all the advice on taking control of your life and being an alpha male was already out there, I wouldn’t waste my time building this website out.

There’s plenty to share and lots to be told. Be patient and be ready.

The Essentials to Alpha – revised (free ebook) is going to be sent this week. Sign up to get it.

(no longer provided for free given the strong response)

 Be Alpha.

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