Take Control of Your Life

If you want to be extraordinary, you can’t think like the average person does.

There are many things people say in this world that everyone just starts to believe because everyone else says them. They believe “well if everyone else is saying it, then it must be true.” This is some of the dumbest logic in the world, yet every day we are fed this b.s.

It’s time to debunk a lot of these phrases that people try to make you believe as truths.

Don’t believe everything you hear. Don’t believe everything you see.

Average People Say The Dumbest Sh*t

1. Follow the rules

Throughout most of your life you will be told to follow the rules. I’m not telling you to break the law but don’t believe that you have to follow the rules.

You can’t be a leader if you are following what other people tell you to do. And it’s usually the people that break the rules that do something special with their lives.

2. Don’t speak unless its your turn

You may never speak if you listen to this advice.

There are so many people in this world that are afraid to speak up. They are afraid to interrupt others because they think they will insult someone. But the truth is, if you have something to say, you should say it. As long as you aren’t insulting or rude, it’s okay to speak up.

Leaders speak when they have a question or a statement. They don’t wait for people to ask what they think. They ask other people that question.

3. It’s just a job, it’s not suppose to be fun

Work is work, this is true. But it doesn’t mean that you should be miserable. You need to realize that you’re going to be doing some sort of work for most of your adult life and you should be happy.

I’m not saying you should be happy working for someone else or doing some tasks but there needs to be a balance. You should be happy at the end of the day with the people you work with, the tasks that you have to do and the pay that you get. If you don’t haev a combination of the three, make a change.

I 100% believe work can be fun, to a certain extent. Anyone that tells you otherwise is probably just a miserable person that wishes their life was better but don’t know what to do.

4. He doesn’t have time for this sort of stuff

Why anyone thinks that someone else’s time is more important than yours baffles me. Sure someone might have more responsibilities than you but that doesn’t mean that you have time to do stupid stuff and someone else doesn’t.

Anyone that tells you this knows very little and is  a super beta. Try to disassociate yourself with this loser thinking.

5. Older = wiser

You don’t have to be old to be right. Never forget that.

Just because someone has a certain title or is a certain age does not mean they know more than you. There are many brilliant people that are young. So if you are in a position where you are becoming highly skilled or educated in something, don’t think that someone else might know more than you because they are older.

Age means nothing. And anyone that tells you differently is an idiot.

6. You have to work hard to make money

This a common misconception. Working hard is needed once in awhile, but also is working smart and being smart. Just putting in a bunch of hours and doing peon work thinking you’re going to impress other people to get a raise or a good bonus is not smart.

I’ve seen it too many times that a beta will think if they go above and beyond doing useless work they will get ahead. What they end up with is more work and less respect because they are just time wasters.

Only work hard if you are working on something meaningful and going to help. Don’t just work hard for the sake of working hard to show you stay late. If you want to make more money, focus on the results not the amount of time you do stupid stuff at work that aren’t necessary.

7. Just go on a diet to lose weight

Diets are good. But changing your lifestyle is better.

Don’t think that you can just stop eating or go on a 1-4 week diet of juicing or what not and you’ll be skinnier or healthier. The chances are you’ll just go back to your old ways of eating and gain all the weight back. Rather than going on a diet, you should focus on changing what you regularly eat.

8. Good things happen to good people

The truth is good things happen to the people that go out and make things happen.

You might rub a few people the wrong way but you can’t just sit around trying to be good and hope people offer you opportunities. You have to go out and get them. A lot of average people think if they are good and do as they are told, they will be rewarded. Don’t rely on other people for your own success, go get it yourself.

9. This is how it has to be done

So many people think there is only one solution to every problem or that there is only one way to do things. These are the guys that think inside the box and will never get do anything special. They just do what they’ve always known.

If you want to be an innovator, a disruptor or creative, don’t follow this group think and believe things have to be done a certain way.

10. It’s okay if you don’t win

False. You should always want to win and be the best. Average people accept average. A winner is never happy unless he wins. Who do you want to be?

Don’t Be Like Them

Don’t settle for average and don’t listen to people that tell you average thinking ideas. They should never be people you aspire to be.

Be Alpha.

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