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Your Life, Your Journey

As many of you know, I’ve been working on my boxing “game” as of late. I’ve been training with a former WBC super welterweight champion, Yuri Foreman. Cool guy if you ever get to meet him. Humble and just a great human being. Anyway, since I box more than I lift, I’ve taken quite a bit of time off from the gym. This does a lot of things.

  • I no longer have all the muscle mass I did when I was lifting all the time
  • I’m skinnier (see above)
  • I can’t lift as heavy
  • I’m not as motivated to go hang out by the free weights

Well. Life goes in cycles. And I decided with summer approaching, its time for me to put my money where my mouth is and start hitting the weights hard again.

If I’m going to tell you to get in shape so you look more attractive to the opposite sex and make guys ask you “how’d you get all that muscle?” then you know I gotta do the same.

Each time I take breaks from lifting and I go back to the gym and get back to training and eating right – I’m humbled very quickly. Although I know what I’m capable of, I’m not able to right now.

What I mean is even though I want to lift heavy and get that pump that I know I can get. The weights in my hands don’t feel natural yet. It’s missing that mind and body connection.

I’m lifting lighter weight. I’m doing less reps. I get tired more quickly. I’m the scrawny guy that just started going to the gym.

But as I lift. And as I focus on my technique over trying to impress other guys that I don’t care to impress in the gym, I’m reminded of something very important.

Alpha Rule: Don’t do try to impress other people 

You read that right. Going out of your way to impress people is a waste of time.

Focus on improving yourself and you’ll naturally impress people.

What Happens When You’re Focused on Impressing Others

When you start focusing on impressing others, you lose sight of the real goal.

No longer are you trying to achieve the ultimate goal (whatever that may be) but you are focus solely on making sure whoever is around you or notices you doesn’t think you’re a fool.

Sounds great. But it’s not. 

By caring too much about what people think and trying to impress them – you limit what you’ll do. You won’t get out of your comfort zone and act a fool or look like an idiot in order to grow. You won’t be okay with failing if it means learning a lesson that will make you better.

You will stay in your safe zone. You will do what you know how to do. You will believe this the most important thing. And you will be wrong.

Keep Your Head Down and Put In the Work

Just be honest with yourself right now. If you are going through a process of self-improvement (to be more alpha, to be more attractive, to get fit, to change your style…whatever), tell yourself that you’re going to be a work in progress.

Things are not going to go according to plan. People are going to wonder what the hell is going on. You’re going to feel uncomfortable. Hell, you might even look uncomfortable. But the great thing is, if you can get through this period and rise above, you will thrive. You will impress without trying to impress.

Focus On Yourself

This is about you. It’s not about anyone else. Not about your friends. Not about your family. And certainly not about some random people that you will come across while you’re improving yourself.

Stay focused on the task at hand. Use each day as an opportunity to improve and get better. Use each day as an opportunity to get more comfortable doing something that is uncomfortable.

Chances Are…

Chances are no one even cares. But in the beginning you may be very self-conscious. You need not be. Realize that others have gone through this journey before you and not only survived, but come out on top.

All those before and after photos you see everywhere of people losing a bunch of weight, or going from geek on the street to super attractive, or even poor to rich. You’re not the only one. There are others going through this journey. There are others that have gone through it already.

If you put in the work and focus on yourself, you will not only be 1000x better as an individual, you’ll learn so much about yourself because you’ll push yourself past any limits and boundaries you may have placed on yourself before.

Who Really Cares?

So what if people look at you weird. So what if people think you are stupid. So what if people make fun of you.

Who you are right now, is not who you will be.

Don’t let these fools other you. They may think they are all tough and mighty right now but they’ll wish they were nicer to you when they see you later. And honestly, these are not the people you want in your life. (This is a discussion for another day).

Bottom line. Don’t think about impressing others. Think about getting better and improving. And I said it once and I’ll say it again. You will naturally impress people one day.

Be Bold. Be Alpha. 


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