To Be Alpha

Take Control of Your Life

If you really want something in life there are a few things you can do. Some work better than others. Let’s break down the common ways people get what they want. You Can Pray Praying to a higher being sometimes work. People need to believe in something right? But this isn’t the golden rule to […] Read more

Stop being so damn nice. Do you consider yourself a nice guy? Are you a people pleaser? Someone that has a hard time saying no? If so, you might be a super beta male. There is a fine line between being nice and being too nice. Don’t get taken advantage of by being too nice.┬áNo […] Read more

Don’t Be A Pussy

This is a quick reminder to all the beta males out there. Don’t be a pussy! You can go through life always wishing and wanting for better or you can go out and get it. As much as I want to help people, most often than not, they don’t want to help themselves. I don’t […] Read more

The Life of A Beta Male

Take a moment and look at the image below and see if you have beta male tendencies. If you do and you are unhappy with who you are. You should take immediate action. I’d honestly start with getting the free ebook we offer – The Essentials of Alpha. Sign up to your right and get […] Read more

Failure Is An Option

Have you ever heard the saying “Failure is not an option“? People say this when they want to obtain some sort of goal and are willing to do whatever it takes to get it. It’s admirable that people are willing to do whatever the hell they have to do to achieve something. But is it […] Read more

The Myth of the Alpha Male

Guys that want to be alpha come up with some crazy ideas of what an alpha male is. Hopefully you’re not one of them. But if you are, I want to help you understand the difference between what an alpha male is and what many guys think an alpha male is. The problem is you […] Read more