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Poor Work Environment?

A lot of you guys are not following on twitter or the facebook page – but sometimes I have conversations with people that ask “What is the alpha thing to do” in certain situations so I want to share little tidbits with you as they come.

Today I was discussing work environments with someone and jerk managers. Some managers are really good and motivate and make you want to work for them. Others throw you under the bus and make you look like an idiot.

When you work for a shit manager you have a few options:

1) You can get emotional and get upset

2) You can do very poor work which is a bad reflection on you

3) You can let the manager walk all over you and make you feel like shit

4) You can go over their head and try to overpower them

5) Change your work environment

I personally like option #4 and #5 the best. You have to do something. Whether you are in the position to report to someone higher up and bypass your manager or find a new job is up to you.

But if you hate, hate, hate your work environment then the best thing to do is change it.

You can’t change people. You can change  your situation and your environment. But you cannot, I repeat, you cannot! change people.

Changing people is difficult. Everyone things they are right. Very rarely do people realize they are wrong or idiots when other people tell them or try to change them. Just like becoming alpha, you can only do it when you want to do it. Same with other people.

So don’t waste your time trying to make people act differently. You are wasting your time. It’s not defeat if you have to quit your job and find another one. It’s not defeat if you go over the head of your manager. It’s called self-respect.

Be Alpha boys and girls, always Be Alpha. 

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