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Put Yourself on A Pedestal

Many of us have been there. We put someone or some people on a pedestal. 

Whether it is a girl we are attracted to or dating, or people we work with that we think are better than us. When you put them on a pedestal, you give away your power.

You lower your own value and your own self-esteem by putting someone else on a pedestal.

The cold hard truth is, people look at you and they will decide then whether you are on their level, above them, or below them.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t value other people nor should you think they are below you. But what I am saying is you need to put yourself on a pedestal.

Don’t think of yourself as less than anyone. You are just as good, if not better. And even if you aren’t there yet, you can still have the confidence in yourself that you belong.

Putting yourself on a pedestal is not the only thing you need to do though.

  • If you want to be more attractive
  • If you want to be more successful
  • If you want more respect
  • If you want people to look up to you

You need to actually work on yourself and improve yourself. You can’t just think highly of yourself and think that is enough for people to think highly of you or find you attractive.

What you need to do is figure out what you are lacking: skills, knowledge, experiences, style…all the way down to how you treat people and the ways you deal with adversity and how you communicate to others. All of this stuff matters.

The goal here is to become the best you possible. First by believing you are and second by putting in the work. 

The goal is to work on yourself so you are THAT GUY or THAT GIRL. The one that everyone wants to be like. That everyone wants to talk to. That everyone is drawn to. That everyone knows.

You’ll have to do some homework and really figure out what it is that you need to work on. I can give suggestions but this isn’t a one size fits all process. 

  1. How is your style compared to others? Do you give off a certain vibe with what you wear or do you dress like every other person?
  2. How is your communication and people skills? Do you treat people like they are important or do you blow people off?
  3. How is your self-esteem and confidence? Do you believe in yourself and your abilities? Are you proud of who you are?
  4. Do you have hobbies and interest that make you unique and give you stories to share with others?
  5. Do you have the skills and knowledge that separate you from others? Are you continually learning and improving?
  6. Are you taking are of your health (mind and body)? Many people make excuses that they don’t have time to exercise or eat well. But if you have time to go on social media or text or watch tv, then you have time. But I am not here to make you feel bad if you don’t have time. But find a way if its important for you.

All of these things matter.

Are some of them superficial? The fashion, your body…and other stuff. Yes. But the cold hard truth is, people look at you and they will decide then whether you are on their level, above them, or below them. Just based on how you carry yourself. Then you can reinforce or prove the right or wrong with your intrapersonal skills and knowledge but we’re trying to make life as easy as possible on ourselves. So that means work on yourself – the inner and the outer.

Putting people on a pedestal is fine if you want to have heros or want to have people to envy. But if you don’t put yourself on a pedestal also, then you may end up intimidated or feeling like you don’t belong or lack confidence and put yourself at a disadvantage.

Work on yourself. Be the best you can be. Be better than everyone. 

Be Bold. Be Alpha.

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