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Quick Tips to LOOKING Alpha

If you want some quick fixes to looking more alpha and less beta we’re going to give you that information here.

Before we get into all the details about being alpha I feel like I should let you know a little bit more about my background. You guys know I live in NYC and have lived in LA. I am friends with designers, models (men and women), body builders and wall street type execs. From all my relationships and own experiences it’s very easy to understand how to help someone look more alpha.

The below are quick tips to looking like an alpha male. Fixing how you look is only a piece of the puzzle.

hairstyle-2Fix Your Hair

This seems like common sense but there are so many clueless beta males that just roll out of bed and leave the house with bed hair. I’m talking about having dents in your hair because you were sleeping on a certain side and what not.

You should be fixing your hair so you don’t look like you just rolled out of bed.


teeth-whitening-before-afterBleach Your Teeth

With all of the over the counter products to whiten your teeth available nowadays you really don’t have an excuse. You may or may not have perfect teeth but having stained yellow/brown teeth are not going to win you many points with anyone. Yes people notice your teeth. So give them something good to look at.


7325999_f260Get a Tan

Having a little color on your skin makes you look healthier and make you look like you spend time outside the house. Being pale white is beta, get some color and look good.

You can lay out in the sun or use lotions and sprays to get a tan.


image1xlRoll-up Your Sleeves

Instead of wearing your ¬†button up shirts like a normal looking boring guy, roll up the sleeves a little bit. It’ll make you a little more fashionable and maybe even give you a little edge.



tumblr_m0h9r54FxI1r2gf9vo1_500Wear Your Pants A Little Lower

Low rise pants. That’s what you should be wearing. Never wear your pants up to your belly button. Wear your pants at the hip bone or a little lower. Beta males wear their pants super high, not you my friend.



leather-jacket-1Wear a Cool Jacket

A jacket really can make your outfit. Now, if it’s summer and hot as hell, don’t wear a jacket. But if you’re out and about or maybe even going out at night a jacket can make you look really cool. I prefer a really good, worn, fitted leather jacket but anything that is in style and fits will do.


man man man

Work Out

Not all our tips are fashion and grooming tips. Working out will get you in shape, make you feel good and probably give you better posture / body language.

Hit the gym. Do some push-ups. Do some sit ups and go on a run.

Simple tips to simply Be Alpha.

What other easy ways can you think of to be alpha? Share and help others.


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