Take Control of Your Life

The Return of Alpha

We are making a come back. After about 5 months offline to work on some other projects we are back!! I’m really excited about the possibilities we have lined up for the site. We helped a lot of men (and women) while we were live in 2013.

Lots of you guys have emailed asking where we went, some of you pleaded for us to put the site back up and others just were grateful you were able to get information and advice to take control of your life. We’re happy to hear some of you have taken control of your life and made really great strides. For the rest of you, we will get you there.

The Alpha site continues to focus on being Alpha and getting rid of your beta male tendencies.

We will have information on the following –

  • How To Be Alpha
  • Fashion
  • Dating / Getting Laid / Relationships
  • Fitness / Working Out
  • Your Career / Making Money / Networking

We’re doing things differently for version 2 of the To Be Alpha site.

We’ll provide more videos and better content that will really elevate your Alpha game.

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Until next time.

Be Alpha.


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