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The answer is yes.

I’ve been wanting to put this together for awhile because so many of you guys have this idea that you can’t be alpha if you aren’t tall. If this was the case world leaders wouldn’t be world leaders. And celebrities wouldn’t be superstars.

Don’t buy into this idea that you need to be tall to be alpha. There are plenty of guys that are big and tall but are true alpha males. They have poor body language, are mentality weak, and have no real future (career or socially).

So if you’re on the shorter side, don’t get caught up in height. Being a dynamic alpha male is more than just about height.

The Criteria for This List

I won’t be able to pick every short person in the world and call them an alpha male. This is just a quick example to help the guys that aren’t super tall and let them know you don’t need to be tall to be alpha.

The criteria I am using for this list includes the following:

  • Ability to influence (people, culture, media)
  • Fashion¬†sense (you have to look good)
  • Power (somewhat like influence)
  • Relevance (I’m not going to list has-beens)
  • Real people (no fake hero-worshipping self help losers here)
  • Wealth (I’ve talked about how money is important before so yes everyone on the list will have made some money)

Short Alpha Males

Floyd Mayweather Junior – 5’8″

Money Mayweather is the face of boxing. He brings in the most pay-per-view buys per event. Mayweather grew up in Grand Rapids, MI and took control of his life boxing his way to become a savvy business man and boxer.

He runs with a crew of people he calls “The Money Team”. His entourage includes body guards, friends, family and beautiful women. What he says goes.

Tom Cruise – 5’7″

In his heyday, Tom Cruise was a blockbuster movie star that everyone wanted to be like and all the girls wanted to be with.  He is still a major celebrity and has a lot of pull in the entertainment industry.

Justin Bieber – 5’6″

I know. Not everyone thinks Justin Bieber is an alpha male. And by the way he’s been acting lately he’s far from what we would consider a dynamic alpha male. However, a lot of girls love this guy and I wanted to put this up for you guys as inspiration that you can be short and girls can be all into you.

Bruno Mars – 5’5″

A few years ago you might have been like Bruno who? But this guy is a musically talented guy that can bring down the house when he performs. He was the man last year at the Superbowl. He’ll probably just become more popular and become an influence to up and coming musicians in the future.

Vladamir Putin – 5’7″


Yes, we’re putting Putin on the list based on his power. He is the President of Russia and is revitalizing the power of Russia. He’s not tall. He’s wealthy. And people listen to him. I put him on here not because we should worship him but to show you can be small and be very powerful. Plus a lot of visitors are from other countries so it doesn’t make sense to only list US people.

Stephen Curry – 6’3″


(tall than others on the list but not really tall)

Depending on the source you look up, Steph Curry is one of the shorter basketball players in the NBA. However, he’s lights out with the ball and the leader of the Golden State Warriors. So many kids what to shoot the ball like him and he’s become a role model for many. The executives of the team he plays for asked for his input regarding a trade before they decided not to pull the trigger on it.

Rob Dyrdek – 5’7″


This guy is everywhere on television now. He started out just as a skateboarder and turned into changing the skate game with Skate League. People can’t get enough of this guy – he’s got like 3 television shows now. If you’re younger, you probably know Rob. And if you don’t know him, you probably know someone or look up to someone that has been influenced by what Rob has done.

Honorable Mentions

Here are some other guys that are short but don’t really make the cut (right now). They might later or would have at another time.

Usher – 5’7″

He’s still in the news but not as mainstream. He does a lot on the business side now and I believe is on The Voice.

Kevin Hart – 5’2″

Kevin Hart came on the scene and is a great comedian. He may or may not be superstar status. I’m not sure.

So That’s It

So now that you know you can be alpha and someone people look up to even if you aren’t really tall. Stay tuned as we will soon discuss how to look cool if you’re short (the essentials!).


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