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Calling someone a super beta male is a bit dramatic. Any sort of beta male is bad enough. To be called a super beta male. You might be in some trouble. You might need the help of To Be Alpha.

Before we know if you need to overhaul your life, let’s just make sure you’re a beta male.

If you answer yes to any of the following then you probably should consider making some big changes to your life to life a more fulfilling life.

You Might Be A Beta Male If… 

1. You wake up each morning unhappy with how your life is turning out. 

If yes, it’s time to make some changes.

2. You’re a dreamer. You like to use the words “I wish..”, “If only..”, “I don’t have..”,  “I would but..”

You won’t get far in life making excuses.

3. You’re afraid of change. Uncertainty and the unknown scare you.

If you keep doing what you have always done, you will get what you have always got.

4. You get emotional when things don’t work out your way.

When is the last time crying as an adult got you far in life?

5. You look at other people and wish you had their lives.

Instead of focusing on what other people have, find ways to get what you want.

6. You regret not doing things you want to do every day because you feel inadequate (jobs, girls, life, favors)

Stop searching for perfection. The cold hard truth is that no one is perfect. Be happy with what you got and get what you want.

7. You think trying is good enough.

You need to start having the winning mentality. Going to the gym and texting is not good enough. Staring at girls instead of talking to them is not good enough. Looking at job postings and not applying is not good enough. Day dreaming is not good enough.

8. You don’t hold yourself accountable

Instead of realizing you may be at fault or didn’t do what you were suppose to do, you try to blame something or someone else. It’s never your fault.

9. You don’t think you can do any better

You settle at life. This includes who you are, what you believe in, your career, your relationships, and your lifestyle.

10. You waste a lot of time

You know you should be taking action to take control of your life but instead of putting in the hard work you do things that make you feel good (watching tv, going out, surfing the internet or social media)

11. You complain, a lot. And it makes you feel better.

You’re a negative person and just want people to listen to how your life sucks and tell you they understand. You fail to realize that you might be the problem.

12. You want other people to hold your hand

You’re a follower. You don’t want to make the tough decisions because you’re afraid you’ll be wrong or things won’t go right. You want people to tell you what to do.

13. You’re a people pleaser

You’ll bend over backwards to help people. Not because you are nice. But because you secretly want something out of this. You keep score and expect favors to be returned.

14. You’re an online troll

In real life you’re a coward. But online you’re the biggest baddest guy in the world.

15. First you’re nice. Then you’re rude. Then you’re nice again.

You go through phases when you want something and can’t get it. You try being nice. When that doesn’t work, you get upset. Then realize you have to try being nice again.

16. You take the easy way out every chance you get

You’re always looking for short cuts or the magic pill. You thinking cheating the system is the way to go.

17. You have no sense of style

You dress like a “nice guy”. You don’t really think about what you wear or the image you convey. Chances are your style hasn’t changed in over 10 years.

18. You have nothing to look forward to

There is no excitement in your life or adventure on the horizon. What you have is what you will have. Forever.

19. You talk down on yourself

You lack self confidence. You think other people are better than you and because of this, you envy them.

20. You are never happy for other people

Instead of being happy for other people when they share good news, you secretly are upset that good things are not happening to you.

21. You hold grudges

Instead of moving on with your life when someone treats you bad or disrespects you, you seek revenge.

22. You talk behind people’s back

You pretend to be everyone’s friend but then go behind their back and talk about them to others. You put on a front that you are a super nice guy when in fact you are not.

23. You agree with everyone

You have no opinions of your own. You are a “yes man”. You believe if you agree with everyone, they will like and respect you more than if you had your own voice.

24. You know very little about anything

You’ve never spent the time to becoming an expert at anything so you can’t have real conversations. Instead a lot of your conversations are very high level and you are always trying to change the subject.

25. You let people treat you like sh*t

You let people take advantage of you and talk down on you. No one respects and you just accept this.

26. You think working out is too hard

You complain about your body being sore if you work out. So you’d rather not do it.

27. You post status updates whenever you finally go to the gym

You have to announce to the world you are going to the gym because it’s a special occasion.

28. You’re a bragger

You say things like “I know this guy…” or “My friends do cool sh*t like..” or “I’m going to Italy tell me what I should see..” You announce to the world things that you think will make you “cool.”

29. You’re unoriginal

You pretend like you came up with ideas and concepts and take credit for work that isn’t yours. You don’t give credit where credit is due.

30. You think material items will make you cooler

Money is the answer to all your problems. You buy “things” to make you feel better about yourself.

31. You have road rage but you’d never get out of your car if you were called out

You talk a big game but when push comes to shove you’ll back down.

32. You like to say “the girls here aren’t that hot” instead of being a man and talking to them

You’re afraid of rejection and embarrassing yourself. So rather than try you make excuses so you don’t have to do anything that makes you uncomfortable.

33. You lie…a lot

In order to make yourself feel worthy you like to lie to people. You fabricate stories and dramatize events in order to make people think you are better than you really are.

34. You give people the silent treatment

Instead of facing reality and expressing your feelings and thoughts or disagreements you just ignore people. You think your problems will magically disappear if you don’t say anything.

35. You live in a world of fantasy

You might be addicted to porn or play more video games than you do interacting with the real world.

36. You always make up “What if” scenarios

You come up with disaster scenarios for every situation. Nothing in your mind turns out well unless it’s the thought of doing nothing.

37. You wait for opportunities to present themselves

You believe good things come to those who wait. You don’t go out of your way to make things happen.

38. You watch a lot of motivational videos or read a lot of self help books

You continue to search for motivation to change your life. Your endless pursuit for all the answers is your worse enemy.

39. You take the elevator or the escalator instead of the stairs

You’re a lazy SOB.

40. You’re really gullible

You believe anything anyone says. People know this and take advantage of you this way.

41. You’re afraid to ask for help

You don’t want anyone to know you might not know something. You’re unwilling to admit to yourself or let it be known you can’t do everything alone.

42. You don’t have a healthy sex life

If you don’t have a healthy sex life, you might not be a complete loser. But having one is better than not.

43. You don’t have any hobbies

If someone ask you what you do for fun and you say “Nothing” or “I don’t know” then you probably should find ways to pass the time.

44. You never go outside

If your skin never sees sunlight or you’re hiding in your bedroom, then you need to make some big changes.

45. You’re miserable but don’t know why.

Being negative all the time is not healthy. It can carry over in all parts of your life and ruin your relationships.

46. If you’re unhappy with your life, this is super beta male status for sure.

You need to take control of your life.

47. You are a try hard

You try hard to impress people but fail miserably at it.

48. You’re afraid to stand out

You want to fit in and are afraid to do anything that may draw attention to yourself. You get embarrassed when others you associate with also draw attention to you.

49. You don’t know how to take care of yourself

You can’t cook. You need someone to tell you what looks good on you. You have no idea how to find the resources you need to survive on your own. You’re practically an adult, but still a child.

50. You like to gossip

You like to tell people things you shouldn’t tell. You like to spread rumors even though you might not think you are spreading rumors. You’re a chatty cathy.

51. You don’t know what personal space means

You are the awkward guy that stands too close to people. You don’t know that you might be invading someone’s space.

52. You’re a know it all

You think you have all the answers or feel the urge to always say something even though there are times when silence is golden.

53. It’s your way or the highway

You don’t like to compromise or admit that you might be wrong.

54. “I’ll start tomorrow” is a phrase you use often

You push things off because you’re afraid to face the inevitable or do the hard work to obtain your goals.

55. You’re afraid to make eye contact with others

You avoid confrontation at all cost. This includes looking people in the eyes and getting “caught” staring.

56. You’re a creep and stare at people you think are attractive

Staring is not alpha. Neither is being a creep.

57. You over promise, and under-deliver.

You are afraid to say no so you always say yes. You end up not meeting people’s expectations.

If You’ve Made It This Far

Hopefully not of these signs fit who you are. But if they do, then you might want to make some changes to your life.

We have created some great resources here at To Be Alpha to help men achieve the life they desire. And if you really are in need of some help then please use our resources.

Fortunately, everything we say and the advice we provide comes from experience. Either personal or from helping others. The goal is to help you break through mental barriers and help you take action.

With action and a positive mentality, just about anything is possible.


Be Alpha.

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