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We’ve been compiling some of our best conversation starters for a cheat sheet we plan to offer (coming in the near future). But in the meantime, I want to help you guys out.

Conversation starters are not pick up lines. Don’t get it twisted. We do not believe in pick-up lines. They are stupid and cheesy. Conversation starters a way to break the ice.

Why You Should Have Conversations

I don’t think I need to tell you this but you never know who you’ll meet. Maybe the conversation will be a quick chat with a stranger and nothing more. Or you meet someone that you start dating. Perhaps you meet someone that knows someone that you both know? Or even better, you meet someone that can help you out in life. You just never know.

Conversations are your way to connect with other people. You talk about yourself, you share stories, you listen, you ask questions, you learn about the other person.

Without talking to someone, you can never get to know them. And without conversation starters, you rarely get the opportunity to meet new people.

Bad Conversation Starters

  • Do you come here often? (creepish)
  • Hey baby (more of a dumb pick up line)
  • What’s up sexy? (this is more of a pick up line)
  • Excuse me… (be more direct instead)
  • (Talking about the weather)
  • I had a hot dog for breakfast (yea, I’ll admit it, I tried this one)

Honestly, I’m trying to think of some bad conversation starters and for the most part, I can’t think of anything really bad. The only bad ones are the ones guys use to try to meet women.

I would say anything that makes you seem creepy or really weird is a bad conversation starter.

Good Conversation Starters

  • My name is…I’ve seen you around and wanted to come introduce myself (good for many situations – work, place you frequently visit, college)
  • What are you reading? (but you have to actually be interested) What’s it about?
  • What is that? (talking about something another person has that you’re curious about)
  • Hey, that’s really cool (talking about something the other person has)

The difference between a good conversation starter and a bad conversation start is the sincerity in a good conversation starter.

Notice how in a bad conversation starter you just make stupid statements. Whereas, in a good conversation starter, you take the time to actually say something meaningful, you’re nice, and curious.

Be Sincere In Your Conversations

When you’re sincere, people are more likely to be open with you. They’re more likely to feel comfortable and share more about themselves. When this happens they feel a stronger connection with you.

Why does this happen?

When people share more of themselves with you they feel more connected to you. You are no longer just a stranger but someone they trust and feel comfortable talking to. This is something special that not a lot of people realize.

Look at how people interact in the work place or even when you’re paying for your coffee at the register. Everything is a business transaction.

  • People say “Good morning” to each other at work, but do they mean it? Most just say it with no emotion or sincerity.
  • When people ask “How are you” do they really care? Most won’t even listen to what you have to say because they already know your reply will be “Good, how are you?”

So next time you want to start a conversation, start it with someone that has a little more meaning than just a cheesy comment. Be sincere. Listen. And try to smile!

A simple conversation can lead to favors, new friends, new opportunities, and new relationships. And even better, you’ll probably make someone’s day by just starting a simple conversation with them. 

Be Bold. Start conversations the right way. 

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